Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie!   I love wearing lace lingerie, and this one was so soft and delicate that it felt great on my skin! After some good makeup, styling my hair and putting on stiletto high heels, and I was ready to pose in front of my camera, to show you this exciting photo set… Enjoy it!

Sexy Lingerie is only what the body inside can make of it. If the cup of the boobs does not get filled up it looks strange. However if its to tight also then it looks bad.  For me its all about the tits and ass. So some times finding the right lingerie for my body can be hard.

Its also a little hard when I need to hide my cock.  Most of you have already seen it and know that its rather large. And yes I can tuck it back to hide it. But I usually still have bulge upfront. So I need something that looks sexy but hides it.

Shemales in lingerieClick on the image above to see more of this super hot photo set. Watch as my cock gets hard and I stroke it for both of our pleasure.

Otherwise if you just want to surf the free but lower quality samples you can do that right here.  See more of my big cock.

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9 Responses to Sexy Lingerie

  1. Sham says:

    Hi Mariana,
    Big fan.
    Just wanted to ask, do you sell your used panties?

  2. andres says:

    dios mariana!!!! no alcanzan los calificativos para describirte…..; contactame al e-mail please!!. besoos!

  3. mary says:

    Mmmmmm u are very sexy . i love u mariana . i have very good ass for your big cock . your cock is very nice and beautifull

  4. binoy says:

    All of these are very ……(Can’t express myself)
    Today i masturbated the whole day looking and Adoring these Pics 22, 24,25, 26,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,53.
    And especially 40,41,42,43,44,45.
    You are a a the BIGGEST PERSON in my life(and of course the DIVINE COCK is what i dream off nearly every hour)
    It’s a blessing to see you.

    I would recommend all you come across GODDESS MARIANA CORDOBA’s Site should Join it

  5. mike says:

    any chance your coming to the usa soon ?

  6. suzaoo says:

    Any hope to see you in Italy, Mariana?

  7. fredo says:

    hi my dream!!!!!
    I fall in love with you , your almighty cock,balls,ass,tits,lips,legs,feet…. all of you
    Im dreaming of you every moment,Iwish to spend my life beside your cock
    I can serve you, I can do every thing for you,
    suck your dick,eat your cum,drink your pee,clean your shit….every thing you want
    I can be your slave……. just to be with you
    please help me!!!!!!!,I will be waiting for your reply,plz dont be late
    I love you so much…..thank you

  8. binoy says:

    GODDESS, it is a very good idea to start selling your used panties…

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