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Shemale in sexy white panties.

Shemale in sexy white panties!

Good day guys. I got a few new gifts this year and I wanted to combine two of my favorite ones and this is based on how they fit.  To start I got this beautiful pair of white panties and its the reason for the name of the set. Shemale in sexy white panties!  Then I received the second package and it had this amazing and sheer night dress.

Now I have to admit I don’t know why its called a night dress other than that’s the time to put it on. Because every time I put it on it always seems to end up on the floor next to the bed. And I always have an erection. Now I will admit that there is the chance this happens because I almost always go to bed with someone else. And more often than not I end up have a night of super hard sex. So that could be the reason.

If you like the combination of the panties and night dress in the image below, then you need to see the rest of this set. Click the image or one of the text links above to see more right now.

Shemale in sexy white panties

Otherwise if you want to surf a few more free samples of me and my sexy clothes and body you can do that right here. Check out more of my tits and ass.


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Mariana Cordoba’s eyes

Mariana Cordoba’s eyes!

When it comes down to seeing some of the most beautiful Trans women online, you always have to think of Mariana Cordoba. And when you think of her you also think of Mariana Cordoba’s eyes!

Her eyes are a beautiful brown flecked with gold. When she has on make up like in the image below you just want to stare deep into them. And especially if she is on top of you!

And can you just imagine the feel of those sensual lips of hers? Soft and warm caressing your body. Sucking your cock into her mouth only to work your pole with her deep throat!

Could this be the woman if your dreams? Yes of course she is and especially if you are into women with huge cocks. And by huge I mean more than 13 inches long! OMG

You are invited to check her here

Mariana Cordoba's eyes

For those of you who wish to check out a few more super hot photos of Mariana you can do so right here on her blog. These photos are lower quality and also smaller in size that what is in her members area.  See more of this Simply Sexy woman.

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Mariana Cordoba Selfie video

Mariana Cordoba Selfie video!

Well, Mariana took her own video camera out and doing some shemale POV style video of herself from different angles to see how it would look.  When she started stroking her already hard cock and filmed herself while looking down at it.

Some more video came from the reflection in the mirror etc.  The spontaneity of it was really exciting.  Also she did it just for some fun, but decided to make a little video and share it all with you.  Furthermore  Marian hoped you like it and it gives a little insight as to who she is when things are loose and she is just being herself.  She might do some more of these in the future.  What do you think? She called it the Mariana Cordoba Selfie video and you can easily see why. Now click the image below and watch the whole movie.

Watch what she does with the load of cum!

Mariana Cordoba Selfie video

Do not miss this chance to see more of this movie. It was a lot of fun to film and you will love it.

Furthermore if you want to see more of her photos and movie clips here on this site. You can click this text link.  Mariana Cordoba’s big cock photos.

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