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Rock Hard Cock

You hear a lot of talk about what a rock hard cock should look like on a trans girl. And you most likely see a lot of them as well while surfing for the perfect one. However we want to let you know that your search is over. We have found for you the one photo that will put your mind at ease. It will allow you to concentrate on your upcoming orgasm. Why you ask? Because the rock hard cock in the photo below is 100% perfect. Standing straight up. Showing you what it looks like to truly be hard. And also because of who this rock hard cock belongs to. Yep, that is Mariana Cordoba.

Can you imagine two things here? One can you imagine if that was your cock. Attached to your body? What would you do with that monster. Other that is then touching it all the time? And the other thing to imagine is what would you do if she was your girl. If you found her like this waiting for you. Really. Take your cock out right now and start to think about what you could do if she were sitting on your sofa dressed like this with her cock standing straight up!

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Rock Hard Cock

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Masturbating outdoors.

Masturbating outdoors!

Well as with everyone on the planet it was Laundry day and Mariana had to hang out a few dedicates. They need to dry outdoors rather than in a dryer. What she did not plan for is how easy it would be for her cute little dress shirt to slip up and show the whole neighborhood her ass.

And then to make things worse Marianas Cock got hard. And that is something that is huge and hard to hide. So rather than move back towards her house, she chose to stroke off right there.

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Masturbating outdoors

Otherwise you can also see more samples here. Much smaller and lower quality, but they will give you a sense of what you are in store for with your membership. See Mariana Cordoba hardcore.


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Long legs Shemale

Long legs Shemale!

While reviewing my site today, I was looking at the pictures of the set where I’m walking around town like a tourist and I noticed how pretty I look from the back. Not only my tight ass but also the full image of my back from head to toe. First, the dress was very flattering, and second I am proud that my good eating habits combined with the exercises I do daily are effective in projecting this image so pretty of my back. Oh and lets not forget to mention the legs. Long legs Shemale! So let me know what you think of these photos.

Also,  I wont even begin to say here the things that were said to me while I was walking. Some were flattering. However others were not. Further more I also got to see a lot og things I would not normally see.

I bet you prefer pictures of my front next to my magnificent cock hard or relaxed, but do not miss the picture of my back, because surely that is what you will see the most in the privacy of our room. Hing Hint. I am talking about me being bent over or laying face down with my naked ass read for your cock.

Long legs Shemale

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