Jerking in the sun

When Mariana Cordoba gets into the sun she usually gets hot in two ways. She gets hot and slippery from the sweat from the sun. And she also gets horny. And of course that means Jerking in the sun as well. Meaning that the second hot makes her want to cum. And it’s a rare sunny day that Mariana is not in a bikini and outdoors. Well in a bikini for a little while. Somehow those bikini’s also find a way to hit the floor. And that means she is outdoors with her tits out and her big cock!

Now most of you have see Mariana pose in almost all sorts of clothing. So I have to ask. Do you prefer her in the clothes and lingerie? Or naked?! Me, I kind of like for the strip show to happen. Waiting is part of the charm as she first gets her big tits out. Then she usually spends a little time playing with her nipples. This gets her cock to start swelling. Then she will usually show off her big trans girl ass.

Once she gets her cock thick from playing with her nipples and ass. She shares that cock with you and wants you to not only caress it and stroke it. But to suck it and then let her fuck you with it.

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Jerking in the sun

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