Video selfie

A video selfie is one where the girl holds the camera and does hot things in front of a mirror. Mariana Cordoba made the one below at the request of a fan and I personally love wanking to it. Once you see it. You will love it as well. So scroll down and take a peek at the sample movie clip.

Mariana went and found a hotel room that had mirrors that she could use for this movie. She then got herself dressed in a very tight dress and some sexy heels. With the lights a bit dim she started to play with her own tits. Once her nipples started to get hard she began to play with her ass and also her big cock. The video camera in her hand captured all this action as her cock stiffened into the massive love rod that it is. And she filmed as she stroked and finally shot her trans girl load.

You can see in the video that her nipples were hard the whole time and that she was hard as a rock and wanted to cum. So make sure to get your cock out and wank with her in the members area of her website. Click right here to join her. Or you can also click on the image at the bottom of this page. Either way click now!

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Video Selfie

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