Doggy style fuck

Now when you read a title on a trans girls blog, what is the first thing that comes to mind? ” Doggy style fuck “! Yeah. Exactly. Her fucking the hell out of a luck guys ass. And especially when thinking of Mariana Cordoba. Her cock is just so huge its almost a weapon. In fact you could call it a weapon of ass destruction! Hahaha.. See what I did there?

Ok so back to the idea of a doggy style fuck. In this case the tables have been turned. We get to watch Mariana Cordoba take it up the ass from a fan. We also get to watch her massive cock swinging from below. And talk about a hot thing to see.

Take a look at this image below. This guy is taking that cock deep into his mouth in preparation for the Doggy style fuck. And both of those ideas make us HOT.
Doggy Style fuck

Now check out this video clip.

So. Now that we have seen this guy flip the script and stick his cock deep into Mariana’s ass. I guess the only thing left to do is see the whole movie so that we can shoot our load with the happy fan and super hung Mariana Cordoba. That way we all get off together!

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Suck my tranny cock

There is hardly a single tranny girl that will not tell you that at some point in your relationship with her. Some day she will look you in the eyes and say suck my tranny cock and she will mean it. She will want to get you on your knees with her cock in your mouth.

However keep in mind that when she whispers or yells the words suck my tranny cock. You can do the same right back to her. Make her suck your cock as well. In fact most trans girls love a hot 69. Each sucking cock and getting theirs sucked as well. Just ask any trans girl and see for yourself. She will jump at the chance for a 69.

Now that you are reading this and looking at this amazing photo of Mariana. How would you feel if she looked at you and said. Suck My tranny cock! What would you do? Just look at her amazing hard cock standing up there. Would you grab it with your hands? Or down down and slip it right into your mouth. Maybe you wold even want to squat down on top of that amazing cock and ride it for as long as you could take that pleasureful pain.

Suck my tranny cock

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Spread trans girl legs

Like to see a set of spread trans girl legs? Well take a look at this set and see if it does not send a thrill rushing down your spine and into your cock and balls.

First of all you have to love how long these legs are. And Long is not even the word. The next thing with these spread trans girl legs that you must love is whats at the top of them. Have you honestly ever seen such an amazing trans girl cock anywhere? Neither have we, and we are very unlikely to. These spread trans girl legs belong to Mariana Cordoba and she is the most famous and one of the best hung trans girls ever.

For this photo set she was sitting in this chair and just playing with her cock. Stripping off her panties and bra slowly and showing off her amazing body. She was enjoying stroking her long and hard cock and sharing it with you. The best part of about this photo set is the movie that goes along with it. You get to watch the action in video as well as the set. Its truly hot and going to make your cock and balls ache for release.

Spread trans girl legs

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