Tranny FootJob! Who do you want to give you one!

Tranny FootJob! Who do you want to give you one! So in this photo its actually one tranny giving another a tranny footjob! And that’s damn hot especially when it’s Mariana Cordoba’s cock getting the foot job! Because face it guys. That’s a massive cock.

So when you think of a foot job. Can you tell us how you picture it? Is it something like in the image below? Or do you have other ideas that you should share with us?

Mariana Cordoba is one of the lucky trannys on the planet with a cock big enough that even a foot job is a workout! The person be it shemale or male or female for that matter has a lot of work to do. The good thing is, Mariana’s cock is not only huge and perfect for a foot job. But its also sensitive and that means she can cum this way.

Tranny Footjob

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Delicious Shemale Orgasm Selfie

Delicious Shemale Orgasm Selfie!

Mariana woke up really horny that morning. However she had some chores that needed to get done quick. Rushing around to get things done didn’t help in the least 🙁 She finished a load of laundry…….yes, Mariana does her own laundry…..She loves the smell of her clothes after they are hung outside. So when She finished hanging them up, she took a little break. After all she was partially naked anyway. She had washed all of her clothes including most of what she had on.

What better place to get off than outside in the backyard with the warm sun shining on her body.  Now, it’s not easy holding a camera while stroking that huge cock! Being on edge the whole morning, it didn’t take long before she erupted.

She scared some birds perched in the trees with her moans, but what’s a girl to do.  Mariana was able to steady herself enough to get a few pictures to post for all of you.

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Mariana Cordoba Sucked off!

Mariana Cordoba Sucked off.

And in the bathroom none the less. 🙂 Mariana had to pee pee and went in and and her friend that was visiting from next door followed her in. Because of this we have Mariana Cordoba Sucked off Video!

He never let her get very far other than sitting down when he grabbed her cock and pulled it up to suck her off. She decided to add all the pleasure she could and made him suck her big balls as well. And wow what a feeling. Just sit back and watch the Mariana Cordoba sucked off video and see for your self. The way the guy works her long hard pole is only to make her cum. He is not messing around. This guy wanted her cream shot right into his mouth and on his face!

Mariana Cordoba Sucked off

Mariana loves getting her cock and balls sucked off and will take it any time any place and if your feeling frisky and want to slip a finger or 3 in her ass, she is more than willing to allow it. Just dont stop Sucking her off!

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