Sexy black panties

I dont know about you but I find it hot when I see a girl in sexy black panties. Take a look for instance at the sexy black panties Mariana Cordoba has on in this photo set. Yeah the sexy black bra is a big help. But honestly, the panties are the focus and for a number of reasons. We all like sexy black panties like these and especially knowing what those panties are holding on a girl like Mariana Cordoba.

So now that I have you thinking about these sexy black panties and what they contain.. I also want you to think about how fun it would be to take them off of her. Can you just imagine it? You walk in and find Mariana Cordoba wearing this very tight black and white dress. Then, You can see that she has on a bra and panties. You start to kiss her and caress her body and then you finally peel the dress off. The sexy black panties and bra are next.

So how do you do that part? For me, I would lean in and kiss her and then reach around her body and unhook her bra. Then as I began to kneel down to remove her panties I would stop at her tits and suck on her nipples. Then down to slowly remove her panties and let her cock pop out in my face!

Sound like a hot plan to you? Click on the image below to see what happens!

Sexy black panties

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Big Hanging cock

No this is not a myth. No this is not a photoshop image. Its hot its real and its the big hanging cock you have been looking for. In fact just saying big hanging cock does not really describe what you are looking at. Because at almost 13 inches that is the biggest cock you are going to find and on the hottest trans girl. And as you can see. That is none other than Mariana Cordoba.

That big hanging cock is for sure one of a kind. Not only long, but very fat and so heavy that its en effort to make it stand up. However Mariana is capable of keeping it standing straight up when she wants to. And that is when she is usually so horny she is trying to entice you to sit on her cock. And trust me that cock is worth sitting on. There has never been a guy that sat on it that did not have a smile on his face for months. So you really might want to click that image below and check out some of the movies in the members area. They are hot and seeing that cock in action is even hotter. Click right now.

Big Hanging cock

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Topless outdoors

For women and trans women being able to be topless outdoors is not as easy as it is for you and I. For some reason people are against them showing off their tits. And I personally enjoy seeing a hot trans woman topless outdoors. And lucky for me, a fan and writer, Mariana Cordoba took a lot of photos outdoors and that means that I can share them with you. So lets take a look below at what we have today. But make sure to read what I have posted so you know the context of the photo.

The image below was taken of Mariana as she was playing out doors in the garden. She was visible from the street and actually had a few people walking by stop to watch. And once those big titties of hers came out. Well the Topless Outdoors topic was filled and we just had to share it with you. And as you can see, and I do mean see, Mariana Cordoba looks amazing showing off those big tranny tits outdoors in the sun. And her neighbors loved watching her stripping and playing in the hose.

Click on the image below to check out more of this photo set and the video. You will love the part when she pulls that huge cock out and plays with it as well.

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Topless Outdoors

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