Mariana Cordoba UpSkirt!

Do you love Upskirt photos, videos and in real life? I sure do. I have seen some very hot upskirt photos and actually seen some good stuff in public. I remember one day having coffee at a road side cafe, and a beautiful blonde sitting across the way with her guy. She had on a short skirt and high heels and I could see directly up her skirt.


She kept opening her legs and making sure I could see her panties. The up skirt shot was amazing and I was starting to feel that tingle in my cock and it was going to start to get hard. I also had on a skirt but had not yet showed her my panties. At one point, she reached under the table and moved her panties aside to show me her perfectly shaved….. COCK! I was actually surprised as I did not think she was trans. Then I showed her mine!

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Can you find my hidden Cock?

Hey guys, Glad you have made it back to check out more photos of me but I did something a little different in this one. I have hidden my cock some place and want to see if you can quickly find it. If you do so, please post a comment and tell me in explicit detail of where it is and HOW you found it and what you did once you found my hidden cock! Come on, Text fuck me now!

Big cock

So now that you have found it what is your plan for my hidden cock? I really want to know about it. I will post your comments here so we can all come up with unique ways to pleasure each other. Come on, Post, Tell me and then do it again in the members area of my website!

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Delicious Shemale Orgasm Selfie

I woke up really horny this morning, but I had some chores that needed to get done quick. Rushing around to get things done didn’t help me in the least 🙁 I finished a load of laundry…….yes, I do my own laundry…..I love the smell of my clothes after they are hung outside, so when I finished hanging them up, I took a little break.  What better place to get off than outside in my backyard with the warm sun shining on my body.  Now, it’s not easy holding a camera while stroking my cock I’ll have you know…lol  Being on edge the whole morning, it didn’t take long before I erupted.  I scared some birds perched in the trees with my moans, but what’s a girl to do.  I did steady myself enough to get a few pictures to post for all of you.


Peek a boo tranny tits 😉


Holding my shecock and holding the camera was not easy.


My legs where quivering after this one.  YUMMMMY!

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My sexy Bikini!

Hey guys check out my sexy Bikini. Yeah I know its an old photo but I think that sexy bikini looked amazing on me. But I did need that sun desperately at the time right? Don’t you find it amazing at how well I can hide my big thick and juicy cock in that Bikini bottom? Take a close look!

Sexy Bikini

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Watch a Hot Live Tranny Cam!

Trannys on webcam are my absolute favorite! Check out the amazing babe below and make sure to post a comment here. I love to hear what you guys have to say and want to chat with you.

Make sure to click on the cam feed and go chat with this lovely young lady. Enjoy this Tranny Cam now!

XOXO Mariana Cordoba

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Mariana Cordobas Corset and Stockings!

Hello guys. This is another hot post of me in a sexy outfit that was asked for by a couple of guys. I did not find the corset that they were talking about but I did manage to find one that I thought made my titties look really nice and big. 🙂 Check this corset out and see if its the turn on you hoped. And wait for the other pages to see the stockings!

Click image to see big photo!

The above image is clickable and it will take you to check out the bigger image. I do want to tell you even the bigger one is scaled down from whats in my members area because the real big ones dont fit on my blog. The big on one the next page is 600 px wide the ones in my members area are 1600 px wide. So much bigger so my corset and tits will look much nicer!

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Mariana Cordoba in Black lace!

Hey guys. I was not sure if I had shared this set of photos with you so I wanted to offer up a few for you to enjoy. I am also thinking of changing the format of this blog a little to add to the fun of visiting me and check out my photos in the posts I make.

This first image is a set of me in black lace lingerie and heels sitting on the sofa. I found it so hot to shoot this set that it was hard not to get an erection and ruin the flow of the photos.

Mariana Cordoba
Click the image to check out the Full size photo!

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