TaniaQ, Hung shemale

Hey guys. This is TaniaQ and while she is not as hung as I am she sure has a nice big and hard cock. She prefers to be on top but is more than willing to take a good ass slamming like most trannys. If you love them small with big cocks and milk in their tits, TaniaQ is going to really turn you on.


Come and check out her website today and enjoy one of the freshest faces on the net today. TaniaQ is hung and ready for some hot and hardcore action!

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Delicious And Sensual Tranny Masturbation

I’m a sucker for a slow and sensual tranny masturbation session, either by watching porn, or watching one of my lovers working her cock with with tender hands.  With this in mind, I take pride in making the same types of videos that get me off. I also like to combine sexy lingerie to complete the erotic visual. This video was spur of the moment. I’m always horny, so it doesn’t take long before I’m hard.  Laying back and fantacising about you watching me is so exciting.  I thought for a treat I’d post an entire video, complete with my big cumshot all over my tits.  GOD, did I cum in this one!  I really hope you like it 😉

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Closeup Of A Hung Shemale

I came across a blog post the other day while surfing for porn.  Yes, I’m a naughty girl 😉 The post was asking what is considered a hung shemale.  Well, that certainly got my attention as you might expect….hehe.  I know there are many shemales out there with huge cocks, but I think I can hold my own I would hope.  To me it’s one thing to be hung, but another to be able keep it hard. Hormones are killer for keeping a cock hard.  I’ve dealt with this for some time.  I guess I’m lucky as I’ve not had to many issues, but the times I do can be very frustrating.  Fortunately I’m able to keep my cock hard and ready most of the time, and considering what I do for my living……..that’s a good thing 🙂

Hung Shemale Mariana Cordoba

I think I’m a nicely hung shemale…..what do you think?

Mariana Cordoba Masturbating

Here is a nice closeup.  I like closeups…

Mariana Cordoba Big Cock

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Hardcore Shemale Anal Sex With Apartment Manager

This is a fantasy video I have wanted to do for a while.  I LOVE hardcore shemale anal sex with a good hard cock that can fill me up full.  A few years ago I was looking for a new apartment.  The apartment manager who showed up to guide me turned out to be so freaking hot!  I barely heard a word he was saying on my tour as I was fixated on his fantastic chest and butt.  My bulge was very noticeable I will add.  He didn’t seem to notice, or at least was polite if he did.  From that day on I’ve wanted to re-create that scenario.  I finally got my chance when I found a young stud that looked very much like the apartment manager.  What happens next is all part of what would have taken place if my fantasy had come true that day.

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Sensual POV Blowjob As My Lover Pleasures Me

My boyfriend has a real love for my cock and I’m not complaining one bit 😉  His enthusiasm for sucking my cock and licking my VERY sensitive balls keeps me on pins and needles the whole time. I took out my older video camera because it has a good night shot feature and taped him sucking me off in very close POV blowjob.  Of course I wasn’t completley selfish and I sucked him good as well.  So good in fact, he came all over my face.  Opps…I was a messy girl.  I love it when he glazes me like that though.  He was nice and made me cum in his mouth.  How’s that for an oral fixation video?

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Do You Think I Have A Monster Shemale Cock?

I love the fact I turn so many of you on.  I’ve been told over and over that I have a monster shemale cock.  While I do know I’m bigger than most I guess, I’m not sure it’s a “monster”. That word sounds somewhat negative.  So the question is whether you feel I have a monster cock and if that’s a negative or not.  I’ve seen many out there bigger than me of course.  I’d like you opinion.  Thanks 😉

Shemale Mariana Cordoba

What do you think?  Is this my best side?

Hung Shemale Mariana Cordoba

Just before I had my orgasm.

Hung Tranny Mariana Cordoba

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Shemale Cumshot While I Masturbate In Fishnet Bodysuit

There is something delicious about a yummy shemale cumshot.  I love watching them as much as you do.  This is the reason I thought I’d dress up in my sexy fishnet bodysuit and do a simple masturbation scene with a lot of closeup shots of my breasts and extremely hard cock.  I just layed back and and the video rolled while I pleasured myself. I was fantasizing about a group of horny guys all standing around me.  Each had his cock out and was stroking while staring at me.  Everyone was moaning and the room was filled with sexual tension.  The first spurts of cum hit my body which then sets me off.  This is where I was when I started to orgasm.  The camera was pointed right at my cock, so you get a good view of how good it felt.  I loved how powerful it was.

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