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Tranny Lesbian Action with me, Mariana Cordoba and a hot sexy tranny!

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Fishing with Mariana Cordobas Big Cock

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Comparing Cocks with Nikki Montero

Hey guys. Wanted to share a photo of me and Nikki Montero comparing cocks. She new before our pants came off that her was smaller than mine but she wanted to compare on video and camera anyway. We ended up having a lot of fun and getting off really hard!

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Mariana Cordoba Sucked off!

And in the bathroom none the less. 🙂 I had to pee pee and went in and my friend that was visiting from next door followed me in. He never let me get very far other than sitting down when he grabbed my cock and pulled it up to suck me off. I decided to add all the pleasure I could and made him suck my balls as well.

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