Huge Erection! Why call it that?

Huge Erection! Why call it that? So was talking about erections with a boy friend and he has saying that every morning he wakes up with a huge erection! But he has a normal size cock any other time. I guess I was not thinking clearly so I asked him why he uses that phrase! Huge Erection! He blushed when he realized I was thinking size. So he started to explain his thought. He said that he calls it that because if how unnaturally hard his cock is in the mornings! So the term Huge is used.

While I do understand, I dont as well but I did not want to embarrass him. or myself for that matter. My love of cocks is no matter the size and the harder the better. Yes, mine is bigger than normal and most men tend to like that but It’s different for me. I have been with men that range into the small cock size and then with me with a cock as big as mine. But I have never put a man down for the size or hardness of his cock. I love them all and like to see them and play with them.

So, now I want you to tell me about your huge erection! When you get them and why and then what you do with them. Please explain in detail so we can share ideas on how to do things and get off better than before.

Huge Erection

So tell me what you think of the erection in the photo above. Can that be considered a Huge erection also?

I love to see a hard cock and that usually makes me hard as well. Sometimes I can even cum just looking at a guy stroking off and I dont even have to touch mine. Its all mental and what a fuck that is.

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Shemale Masturbation! Do you like to watch or help?

Shemale Masturbation! Do you like to watch or help? Almost every person I know likes to Masturbate. Women and men alike! But to me, Shemale Masturbation holds something special when watching it. So since its a hot topic and looks sexy as hell let me explain!

So, are you into masturbation or not? If you are lets see what you have. If your not, you might also want to go ahead and read and see if this changes your mind! First of all, masturbation is a great way to relieve stress! Another thing is, can you believe its exercise. Not only for your arm but also for your heart. Its not much but heck, with so much sitting its better than nothing!

Finally, its just a lot of damn fun to take your cock in your hand and work the shaft until you tingle all the way down to your toes! So, what do you think now? Want to give it a shot with us? Ok great.

Take your cock out if you have not already and start to play with it until it gets hard! So is that it? Ready to go? You can use either hand so get started. First of all wrap one of your hands around the shaft of your cock! Yes that’s it, just like in the photo below!

Shemale Masturbation

Now just start to stroke your cock. That’s right, Perfect!

Did you know that shemale masturbation is something that happens more often than you can imagine? Most of the shemales I know masturbate at least 3 times a day and they love getting off!

Shemale masturbation is hot and your going to love watching. SO join me right now and watch some of the videos and enjoy the photos in the members area!

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Black Stockings! Whats your favorite color?

Black Stockings! Whats your favorite color? First of all, I need to ask. What is your favorite color of Stockings. Mine is Black stockings! I also want to ask what length of stockings you prefer on a girls legs. Another thing is, do you like stockings in heels or bare feet? Finally what about them turn you on? Please share!

Because black is always seen as elegant I tend to prefer black stockings! So, when you see a hot tranny or shemale or woman in stockings whats your first thought? While I normally like to see them in heels some times its nice to see a girl in stockings and some sort of flat shoe. I guess it really depends on the shape of the legs.

As much as I can I like to look at photos and videos of sexy shemales and trannys! I often find them but not very often with sexy stockings or heels. How about you what do you like to see.

Can I show you some other photos as well as this one below and you make comments about them so we can all discuss this a little more?

Black Stockings

Take a look at the photo above and tell me what you see? Also tell me what you like and dont like about this image! Almost every time I look at it, I get hard. How about you? Is your cock standing up right now and ready to be stroked?

There is a good number of other photos in this set and I think you will love them all. So right now its time to get your membership to this amazing site. Click this link or one of the others in the text!

Make some comments in the members area and remember to comment here as well. Don’t miss your chance to get inside! And don’t miss out on all the fun!

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Sexy Lingerie and a Very big tranny cock!

Sexy Lingerie and a Very big tranny cock! Which of these two items turns you on the most? The big tranny cock or the sexy lingerie? And which one gets you hard? Also what is your favorite part about them that gets you hard?

Also tell me. Do you like to only see the lingerie on a tranny or maybe wear it yourself? Almost every time I start to put on panties, my cock starts to get hard. I think its the idea of Sexy Lingerie that does it. But I could be wrong. Let me know with some comments here what you think! I would love to discuss this and get your ideas!

Also tell me what you think of a hard tranny cock standing up with Lingerie! Does it turn you on and also make you hard? Did you get hard while looking at the photo below? Did you also masturbate? Please share so we can all discuss this.

Getting hard and stoking off is one of the greatest pleasures in life. You don’t have to have a partner but you can look at videos and photos like I have here and enjoy them. No one to just you or complain about anything.

Maybe you would like to describe a photo or video that you have see? Tell us about what in it got you hard and also what got you off. We all want to know and me most of all!

Sexy Lingerie

No matter what I want you to let us all know about how this photo makes you feel Is it sexy enough? Do you see Enough Lingerie? Is there also anything else I can post that you might want to see?

Post some comments here and let us know and also in the members area of the website. Dont miss out on all the things inside and make sure to return often. Its the best place to get off!

My Sexy Lingerie!

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Shemale HardCore! Do you want to get some?

Shemale HardCore! Do you want to get some? So, are you into shemale Hardcore? Photos and videos that is! Because I am sure you are into shemale hardcore fucks just like every other guy I meet! Either you like Shemale Hardcore or you don’t, and I’m expecting that you love it.

Personally I love to watch a good Shemale Hardcore video or see a great set of photos with two shemales fucking. I find this to be a major turn on and I think you do as well.

Now take a look at the photo below and please tell me what jumps right out at you? That’s right that amazing hot blonde tranny has one of the biggest cocks in her ass! And I do mean deep into her tight little ass hole. You can tell its tight by the way the condom is pulling back.

With Perfect lips and great hair and a tight tranny twat what else could you want. Also note the expression on her face. I can see it hurts to have that so deep. But its that hurt you love and cant stop!

Shemale HardCore

For those of you who love the action its time to join the members area and see more. Videos and photos in UltraHD and they are amazing. By the time you are done on your first visit to this site your cock will be sore for days. So get in now and make sure you have lotion to stroke with.

If you want to see other photos from this set or another one that gets you hard you need to post comments. Post them here and also in the members area!

Getting off is important in managing your stress and I think its time you busted a nut today. Enjoy this photo and when you are cocked and locked enjoy the members area as well!

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SheMale Bikini! What makes it a Shemale Bikini?

SheMale Bikini! What makes it a Shemale Bikini? To my knowledge, just the shamele inside it! And the one in the photo below is the Queen or King of all shemales in bikinis! So Shemales Bikinis. Do they exist or is something pulling our? Legs? Either they do, or they don’t. If someone has more info I would love to know. Also make sure to just say hi!

Maybe if your in my area we can go shopping for a Shemale Bikini together? Its alwats so much more fun to try them on and show them off! Or at least show off my curves!

While I love a nice bikini for the sun I also love to get naked outdoors and tan. How about you? Do you love to be naked outdoors as well? Send me some messages and let me know. I love to share have also hear what you have to say. Now, take a look at the photo below and let me know what you think. Also let me know how it makes you feel to see a body like this! Does it properly turn you on?

SheMale Bikini

Also please while looking at this photo, do you see anything that needs some work. This body always likes to be touched and used so let me know what you think. I know a nice tan would be good. 🙂

The members area of the website has the rest of the photos from this set and also a LOT more. Videos as well and they are also in HD. Your going to love stroking to them.

Join today and make sure to comment in the members area as well as here on the blog.

Please also let me know what other photo samples you want posted here. I will see what I can do for you.

See older blog posts on this site here!

Join the members area right now, Right here!

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Shemale Foreskin! How much do you love it!

Shemale Foreskin! How much do you love it! So, how do you like Shemale ForeSkin? There seems to be plenty of it if you look at the photo below! There is also plenty of cock in that photo as well. While I am not into shemale foreskin myself, I know some of you are! So I wanted to share this photo. I know you can not see it well but that’s almost an inch of Shemale ForeSkin! It actually looks hot! Tell me what you think by making comments please!

Also I want to know if your into a good hard fuck? What sort of fuck do you like? Are you a bottom or a top? Also let me know what positions you like as well! The members area content has it all and I know you will love watching the movies and viewing the photos. Take a few minutes to join the site right now. You wont be disappointed!

Also take a few minutes right now to get your cock nice and hard. Stroke it smooth and soft and then fast and hard. Are you hard yet? Ok, good. Now pull your foreskin up and see how much you have! Its a turn on to watch a guy do this so video it and share.

Shemale Foreskin

Once your cock is hard its a little harder to pull the skin up. But It feels so hot when you do. Most guys can feel the skin slip across the head of their cock. This usually causes a ripple of pleasure down the shaft. Believe it or not that’s actually what causes the orgasm! So give it a shot right now. Just don’t cum on your keyboard like I have done so many times.

Are you finding as much pleasure in this as I am?

Stroke more with older photos as well!

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