Young forever (or for as long as possible)

I just got home from the mall. I had made an appointment with a beauty adviser regarding the care of my face. My skin is beautiful and soft but it needs creams to maintain its shine and wax look. I learned that sun can be very damaging when it comes to the skin of the face so everyone should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or use a sunblock of at least 35 spf.

She also explained how our every day makeup leaves residues if we don’t remove it properly afterwards. Then I thought how many times I have thrown myself on the bed, after an extensive photo session, tired, worn out, with my makeup smudged from the sweat and have fallen asleep just like that. The next morning I wake up looking like a clown, a happy clown. Don’t worry buttercups, I will take care of my face, I want you to love me forever.

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2 Responses to Young forever (or for as long as possible)

  1. Average Joe says:

    You always try to better yourself which is why not only me but the fans love you. xoxo Mariana.

  2. Ivastiffy says:

    Me love you long time 🙂

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