A birthday present for my mom

My mom is turning 58 tomorrow and today I went to the mall to get her something. First I assumed she did not need any more stuff so I thought of taking her out to dinner or to the movie theater because I know that lately we have not precisely spent a lot of time together. Ever since I moved by myself (about a year ago) we don’t get together as often as we used. It’s nothing more than the fact that she lives 50 minutes away (subte time. subte: subway) and I not always have the time to wait for the train, travel 50 minutes, spend 3 or 4 hours at her house and repeat back home. Last week when I had my pipe broken I went to her house to bathe but she was not in the city.

The thing is that I had made my mind on taking her out when I also wanted to give her something special, the gift of time. You might find strange what I am saying but I know, I have something wonderful in mind that I am sure she is going to love. I am not going to say it now but until I come back from being with her tomorrow.

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