I have always wondered why is it good for a wife to watch porn to get in the mood but it is bad for a man. I don understand the difference that exists, if any. A wife would be very offended if she finds out that her husband watches a little (or much) porn before having sex, or in those days they don’t, just to have an arousal and masturbate for relieve. I, for instance, sometimes watch a porno movie just for the hell of it, or because a friend is in it. Of course it excites me and always have to masturbate but I would not mind if my boyfriend watched porn now and then, in the contrary, I would love to share it with him .

I would love to make love with my boyfriend with the TV on with a porno movie about a she-male sticking her super hard bone in his ass, sucking each others cocks in a spectacular 69, and cumming one dick on top of the other. 😉



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2 Responses to Pornography

  1. Dan7564 says:

    An image of you and a clone of you 69 each other just popped into my head. Very hot 😀

  2. Dean says:

    That would be one very lucky man.

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