Happy birthday Joe

Happy birthday Joe, Tanti auguri a te, Average Joe. A little late though.

Having said that, today is a normal day so far. I cleaned the apartment like I like, very clean, spotless, it is shining. I can see my own image on the floor so as I walk with this mini skirt and no underwear I can see my She-Cock reflected on the floor. It is funny.

I am laying down on my favorite chair, in the balcony looking at a pair of birdies romancing on the wire. The traffic offers a relaxing background now that is not too busy. The breeze runs and it makes me sleepy. I want to take a nap, so allow me to put down the laptop, just for a moment, right here, on this side table and stretch my body on this chair and sleep for a while…thank you.

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One Response to Happy birthday Joe

  1. Average Joe says:

    Thank you very much Mariana xoxo. You made my day. Best gift ever I am going to jerk off to you, closing my eyes and fantasizing about me and you fucking each other

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