Looking forward to this weekend

I am so much looking forward to this weekend. My friend is going back to her country after spending 2 and some weeks here. But that is not what I look forward to but to us going back to the spa where we spent the afternoon the day she arrived. I though a lot about it last night to the point that I barely slept.

I remembered what we did that day, the way she let me fuck her in the steam room and how she said Mariana, Mariana, while I stuck my boner in her pussy first and in her ass after. …oh wow. It was really as lovely as surprising that she desired to have sex with me. Women are so curious. I bet your wife already had sex with a woman, but she has not told you. Go ask her!!!

Looking forward to the weekend

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3 Responses to Looking forward to this weekend

  1. Peter says:

    i am totally addicted to your and your monster cock. I would give anything just to get a piece of that in me, espescially in my mouth. After that you can fuck me as hard as you want. Love you.

  2. William K says:

    Yeah I know she did I was with her when she did.

  3. keith says:

    i such a great dream last night, you gave me such a good fucking. you look so good. x

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