Things I like to do

I have been so busy this year so far that I have not found the time to do what I like. Yesterday was one of those Sundays that I was free and with no plan so I decided to go rollerskating, which is one of the thousand things I love. I dressed with pink shorts and a tee that said “Angel on wheels” with a pony tail and no make up, just my “au natural”  look, I was very fresh and athletic.

I went to my favorite place which is a park near home that has a river and everything is so green and well trimmed and neat. Families go to picnic, dogs go (are taken) for trainings, and love is in the air. I roller skated for 2 hours, but I also took time to seat and drink water, have a snack and make a phone call. It was intense since it had been quite a while since I roller skated the last time, was about three or four months ago. I started slowly and gained speed gradually, I did not want to fall and get hurt. I sweated  a lot under the sun (I had sunscreen on the face and neck), my she-cock was soaked when I got home and took off the pants. I love the smell of my sweaty cock, is not smell, it is more like a scent that intoxicates me, fries my brains, and makes me want to fuck or masturbate. I did neither because I was very tired. Took a shower and napped.

Things I like to do

Hot and Wet Jacuzzi Time.

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2 Responses to Things I like to do

  1. titsncock says:

    My beautiful Mariana, I wish you would fall down so you can fall on top of me and then we can do some rolling around of our own! I also wouldn’t at all mind the post roller skating shower together. 🙂

  2. Average Joe says:

    Best birthday present ever. Best part is when you talked about your sweaty she-cock I jacked off to thought of it. Thank you Mariana, you are so good.

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