My first massage class

I signed up for massage classes and I had my first one today. I was supposed to begin yesterday but had to  cancel because I had to go to the dentist. That said, I started today and I had a great time. To begin, the teacher is spectacularly they do it on purpose? I mean do they hire these most beautiful women to teach a class that is basically based on touching?

I must say I had to conceal a massive erection throughout the class because this bitch knew I was a shemale and purposely without intention touched my dick a couple of time. One of those time it was hard enough for her to notice. It seems to me that very soon I will be telling you an interesting story and maybe even uploading  a video.

My first massage class

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2 Responses to My first massage class

  1. fredo says:

    make sure babe…she will forget the massage class and begin to Flirts with your Irresistible dick

  2. Keule says:

    Let’s hope she isn’t camera-shy.

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