I knew she'd love it

It is Friday, 11:30 pm and I am seating on my couch in the living room. I just took off my pumps, zippered down my pants, open my blouse, and poured a glass of wine before starting to write here. I just came back from my mom. All I can say is that we had a wonderful, healthy, special time as I have planned. I picked her up to take her to a restaurant that is owned by a friend of mine. We had a great meal and dessert. The chef came out to meet her and we sand happy birthday for her. We walked to the movie theater, it was close to the restaurant. After we were done with the movie she mentioned to take a cab and go home. I told her ok mom, I’ll go with you to get one. When the taxi approached and stopped I jumped in with her. She was surprised that I did but I told her this time I wanted to go with her to her house.

Once there I asked her to pull out that bunch of photo albums she has collecting dust in the closet. I wanted to look at the pictures with her. She did. I never imagined we could have such a great time. It was awesome looking at those pictures and remembering past times, forgotten places, and long gone people. We had a blast. Classical music playing, wine in the glasses and the past coming back in her living room, surrounding us and talking through the pictures, laughter, one or two tears too.

When I left, I gave myself the pleasure of hugging her tight, kissed her in the cheek and told her “I love you mom, every day” She smiled and said “I love you too, Mariana”

See? I nailed it. I meant it.

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3 Responses to I knew she'd love it

  1. Average Joe says:

    That is the perfect present you can give a mother, quality time with her. The Simplest present is always the best present you can give.

  2. dan7564 says:

    Dam, you must be tall in pumps.

  3. cocksnboobs says:

    Wow…beautiful, and a great person with a heart of gold! I’d love to hear you say that to me, although changing “mom” to my name, of course!

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