Sore maintenance guy

This is the last I expected. I called this morning the maintenance office to report the broken pipe and they sent me the stupidest person on earth. I thought he was a nice guy because from time to time we met and he is ever so polite, he says hi, thank you, but this morning he was a real asshole. He said that I spent too much time out of the apartment and don’t give it attention and that is why this happened.

Who the hell does he believe he is to comment on my habits? I replied, “Be careful, watch your mouth ‘cuz I have seen you in places you wouldn’t want the world to know” (Low blow but I am sorry, the guy was being a piece of crap). And out of the sudden his stupidity started to fade, little by little he became this lovely jack all trades asking if I had any other problem in the house that needed solution. Hahaha. Well I told him not, this is the one thing you need to fix. He is coming back tomorrow with the right tools to fix the pipe.

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One Response to Sore maintenance guy

  1. Average Joe says:

    What an idiot. Its maintenance job to fix shit. That’s his job

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