Enjoying this a lot

Since I began with this blog I have enjoyed every bit of it. I, like any other women, really love to have fans, men (and some women too) that want to ripped my clothe off and make love to me like a con after release, like a castaway returning home, like a adolescent discovering sex. I know you all want to suck my shecock and gag with it, have it deep in your throats and make it cum just to swallow it and have a juice of mine inside of you.

I feel great knowing that you dream about doing 69 with me, to suck each other dicks and surroundings, to lick my feet wearing sandals and without them, the inner part of my thighs, my belly, my generous tits, the back of my neck, kiss me in the lips, whisper behind my ears, make me yours, treat me hard or soft. I am here for you, I am your Mariana.

Enjoying this a lot


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5 Responses to Enjoying this a lot

  1. Ivastiffy says:

    “I know you all want to suck my shecock” ……. Ohhhhhhh and so much more ……

  2. Dean says:

    Yeah to say the least. I’ve never so much as touched a cock besides my own and I can’t get yours out of my mind. I want it to ravage my throat and my virgin ass. The thought of giving anal sex has never really appealed to me either, but after seeing your cock bounce in a reverse cowgirl, I can’t lose that thought either. What I would do to be in your next scene.

  3. Average Joe says:

    You rock Mariana. Your big cock and beautiful body arouses me in getting a raging hard-on, and your great blogs about your fun activities whether they be sexual or not makes come back for more. Your awesome Mariana love you xoxo. Sincerly, Average Joe.

  4. Max says:

    I like that sofa and the rug…in a beautiful harmony altogether. kinda nostalgia.

  5. titsncock says:

    Mariana, that picture is AMAZING! Oh, how I would love to be on my knees in front of you there….

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