A broken pipe

Grrrrrrrrr!!! I am so f….. mad. I come home this afternoon and my living room area rug is soaked. A trace of water leads me to the kitchen where there is water dripping from inside of under the sink. WTF….I open it and the frigging pipe is loose, I try to attach it back to the elbow and it came off farther out and the water started to flow like the Niagara falls. OH MY GOD….now it is a official mess. Thanks God I am such a smart beautiful girl…….

I located the faucet that closes the water access to the apartment and I switched it off so the water stopped right there, but then I had to get on my hands and knees and clean out that pool that had reached the end of the hall towards the door of my room. It was for its own good it did not get inside of my closet and messed my shoes ‘cuz that water would be strangled dead by now. LOL

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7 Responses to A broken pipe

  1. Peter says:

    Sorry to hear about your badluck but the thought of you on your hands and knees gave me an immediate stiff cock!

  2. Average Joe says:

    At least the water didn’t get to your boot collection

  3. Average Joe says:

    Wow that’s crazy. I can relate to you in terms of worrying about a precious collection of clothes or shoes. If someone messes with your collection they deserve a beating.

  4. Average Joe says:

    I would be too Mariana.
    P.S. I really appreciate you responding to my comments. Your great.

  5. Orion says:

    Hey if you need help fixing your sink and pluming i would be happy to help.

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