Love Sweets

AHHHH!!!! What a pleasure eating poptarts and orange soda. Yummmmmmmmy. I just had like a thousand calories in five minutes, but what a good feeling. No guilt for the moment. OMG, that is so no sticking to my new year’s resolution of eating healthy. Tomorrow I will have to eat salads and air all day and spend 26 hours at the gym.

I feel very guilty if I eat too much, especially sweets. I avoid eating sweets but I often cave in and have a binge on carbs or cookies and ice cream. My fans know that I love ice cream. To combat my sweet tooth I allow myself a sweet snack usually before six pm and after dinner, or coat my shecock with a flavorful icecream and eat it from there 😉 Now i am starting to feel an upcoming guilty feeling…arriving….and here…I am off to the gym. Love you all.

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Love Sweets

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  1. Ivastiffy says:

    Making your cock an ice-cream sounds amazing – I’d love to smother it in raspberry ripple yum yum.

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