Having sex in the car

Getting off in your car is not as easy as it may sound. For those of you who have ever attempted it, you might have noticed the typical difficulties: avoiding hard objects like seats, steering wheels, dashboards, and gear sticks, and getting into a comfortable enough position to actually finish the job at hand.

Success partly depends on the type of car you have, so you will need to adjust the following suggestions on how to have sex in a car to apply to your own vehicle. These tips apply to a medium-size, four-door sedan.
The backseat can be women on top or men on top. In that position I will have you laying on your back and I will give you a blow job. Then we can move to the front passenger seat and push it as far back as it will go and take a seat. I would ride you facing the windscreen with my hands on the dash for support.

Most places in the world prohibit public displays of indecency, which is exactly why we need to be very careful and remain inside of the car all the time, and try to limit out action to sucking and masturbating so the car does not move a lot.
I feel like having sex right now. I am alone in my flat so I am going to play a porno movie just the pleasure of me and my shecock

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