A secret between you and I

Come here, come closer, my only confessor, my loyal fan, I want to tell you a story that I am sure you will like. The plumber finally came home and checked the pipe, he was all professional in his uniform with a belt full of tools and laid on the floor of under the sink and started bang bang clank clank twich twich, or whatever to sound for screwing is, and then I noticed his tools box was far from where he was laying so I walked towards him and with one of my long and well waxed legs pushed it closer to him. It was not my fault to be wearing a mini denim skirt that was a bit indiscreet and let some of my bulge show.

I wasย  horny, I have to admit, so I kind of flirted thinking in that whatever could happen, but surprisingly he got on his feet and told me straight, “I might be young but I know that you are a shemale, a hot one I have to say, and I would not mind to have you suck my dick right now if you please”. Hahaha, he totally read my mind. Iย  came down to a crawling position and zippered down his pants with nothing but my teeth, put his adolescent dick in my mouth and gave him the suck of his young life…but, I told him, if you want me to wait for you to cum in my mouth you have to give me a great discount, furthermore if you want me to swallow it I want the job free, otherwise I will spit it out. I am sure that pipe will never burst again. You bet.

If you cant see the live feed above. Click right here.

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5 Responses to A secret between you and I

  1. Average Joe says:

    That pipe will never burst again.

  2. dan says:

    Hi Mariana
    I’ve read through a few weeks worth of your blog and I’m enjoying it so far. Perhaps it has been covered earlier in your blog and there’s no need to repeat yourself but after reading a dozen or two entries I still don’t have a very good grasp of who you are, and from what little I do know I find you intriguing. I’d love to hear what you think of things outside of sex (although I love those too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    I picked up in your Janurary 10th blog a little interesting gem, you said “Remember that for the most part I am surrounded but people who do not approve what I am or what I do”. Are there any particular social struggles that happen on a regular basis? I think I picked up that you were religious in another post I’d imagine that might be hard with who you are and how conservative religious people can be, maybe Argentinian Christians/Catholics are more open minded I dunno.

    I’m also curious if you have any other hobbies or extra curricular activities, do you dance?

    Also while I am firing out questions, do you take female hormones? If so is it true it shrinks your penis? and if yes how big did yours used to be? :p

    How old were you when you decided to become a transgender? What did your parents say?

    Sorry for all the questions but I heard you say in your Jan 5th post “Donโ€™t hesitate to ever ask me any question or share with me every fantasy you might have. I love a fan that does not hold himself from asking questions. I find that brave and I love a brave lover. Have the courage to speak out!!” So I couldn’t resist, I’m too curious for my own good.

    If you don’t particularly want to answer those on your blog but would love to let me know you can reach me on dan7564@yahoo.com

    I’m not sure if you check comments from old blog posts so I’ll re-post this on your next blog post and if there’s still no reply I’ll give up :p

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      Wow, Dan, lots of questions! I’ll be replying to them little by little, and you’ve actually given me some topics to write about, for those days when I want to write but don’t know what would be interesting enough. So stick around and keep on reading, because I will be answering you little by little ๐Ÿ™‚
      BTW the post you mentioned is January 19th, not 10th but whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A kiss,

      • Dan7564 says:

        Ah sorry I had several tabs open with different blog entries of yours in them I must have mixed it up. I can’t wait to see what you have to share. Also in reply to the original post. The sound of screwing sounds more like a smacking sound mixed with you moans ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. titsncock says:

    I want to be a plumber.

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