On Tour

I keep getting emails and even comments here in my blog asking if I plan to go back to the American side of the planet, and for now the answer is NOPE. I think I will stay here in Europe and do some tours to meet some of my friends and members πŸ˜‰

More information inside my members area. Sorry not to post it openly here but I want to keep this more private.


Kisses to all!

Mariana Cordoba

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46 Responses to On Tour

  1. alessio says:

    ciao mariana,sei bellissima semplicemente bellissima

  2. IvaStiffy says:

    Hi Mariana, very nice to hear you will be going on a tour of Europe, I hope you decide to visit England during your tour as I would absolutely love to meet you in person. When you say “members area” do you mean on tsmariandordoba.com or another site?

  3. Numbah4 says:

    You should try working with some of the t girls in europe, would love to see you and Joanna Jett or Liberty Harkness

  4. Alex says:

    Mariana…i was in italy few years ago and i missed u for a moment…how can i start in porno movies with transex…i am so attracted from them..my passion…i am straight man ..and i think that u are one of the best natural creatures…

  5. Jorge says:

    Te veremos en BArcelona????

  6. pedro says:

    Hola bonbonaso me muero por conoserte , cuando fui a uruguay ya te habias ido , contame vas a venir por miami?besitos chauuuu

  7. Boy Nikola says:

    Mariana would u visit Montenegro an Sveti Stefan half-island, its very nice place to stay.. πŸ™‚

  8. Max Daniel's says:

    Hi Mariana, tell me if you come in Switzerland, I will be happy to meet you !

  9. Tom says:

    Hi super sexy Mariana! I’m Tom and I’m your huge fan! I know you are in Europe, pls come to Hungary too, I wanna have a fantastic fuck a fan with you, suck your big cock and fuck each other! Pls do that scene with me! Kisses!

  10. Luke says:

    Hi Mariana…. my wife and I are huge fans of you and your site… your pictures and videos on your website are amazing. You are gorgeous. We have been a member for a while. We were thinking about taking a trip to Europe and would very much like to meet you… is there a way for us to comunicate with you to see if that is possible?

  11. ldnloveruk says:

    hey mariana!
    finally youre in europe. i can whole heartedly say if you visit london youll never have to leave;) hopefully you have plans to come to london.
    if not, i can still see you online πŸ˜‰

  12. Rob says:

    Hi Mariana,

    I am just blown away by how gorgeous you are and your movies make me crazy with lust. I live in the US, New Jersey to be exact and just wanted to know if that is really you advertising on EROS. I know your blog mentioned that you would not be coming this way any time soon last month so just wanted to double check in case someone was stealing your photos and profile. I would so love to meet you and spend some time together if it really is you so please if you could reply it would be great. Plus I am a member of a provider review site and I know my fellow members would like to be warned of any imposters posing as you so they do not get ripped off.Thanks…a Loyal fan

  13. mohsen says:

    hi mariana
    im glad and also sad cause live in country which isnt free and i can not sign up in your website
    if you are in italy i wish come there and met you in person
    love you

  14. fahad ali mubarak busamra says:

    I would like to ask you that , how can i make appointment ? and how can i meet you during your tour ? am staying in dubai and i dont have any problem to travel to you .

  15. Alex says:

    Some one is using your name, and photos on eros in the US. They are currently in Providence in the Northeast. It is very disrespectful to you I think.

  16. robin says:

    Hola Mariana como estas?
    Me encantaria conocerte, ahora que estas en Europa seria mucho mas facil encontrarte donde TU me digas. Yo vivo en Oslo, no piensas darte una vuelta por aca?
    Como es eso que tengo que ser miembro. Tambien para contactarte?
    Me encantaria un encuentro contigo preciosa!!

  17. Joe says:

    How about coming to Australia??

  18. Lancelot says:

    I wish i could meet you, to do a movie …

  19. friend says:

    how long will you be Italy?

  20. Joshyyyboyyy says:

    That’s to bad, would love to take that monster inside me! Well if you ever by chance come to North Carolina I’d love to meet you and take you out to a nice dinner! Maybe more if your lucky πŸ˜‰

  21. Paul says:

    Are you presently in the US? There is someone posing as you today.

  22. Paul says:

    Are you presently in the US? I have an appointment today with someone who states they are you.

  23. adam says:

    are you in san diego?

  24. Jason says:

    I want to know if your currently in San Diego CA? Your last post say you do not have a Visa. If your not, someone is using your pictures and posing as you. Also saying their 7″ and your bigger than that, those of us that follow you. They are posting and ad on Backpage.com. Just thought you should know.

  25. daniele says:

    hi mariana, u are always in my mind. I hope you will come in Rome

  26. Tony says:

    Hi Mariana, can you tell me if you plan to come to the UK? xxx

  27. Peter says:

    Hi Mariana:)Im your greatest fan and i really want to meet you:) If you will be in Poland please give me a message, maybe we can know each other:)

    Ps. You are awesome:)

  28. alan says:

    Apparently, your now in Los Angeles (and have in in the USA for some time) http://www.backpage.com

  29. bill says:

    Are you ever coming to San Francisco?

  30. Stan says:

    Dear Marianna,
    Where can I see you in Europe for an entire weekend? If yes how long will it take to make such an arrangement. I will travel to see you. Cheers Stan

  31. Angel says:

    It looks as if you are in America. Is this true or is someone using your name for bait and switch?
    Tampa FL and Miami FL

  32. William J. Bodish II says:


  33. Andre says:

    hello Mariana are you in miami now or is it a fake advertising on eros-miami.com …..I hope to hear from you and if you are I would like to meet you.


  34. Finn says:

    I saw an ad saying Marina Cordoba was in San Diego. So I called made an appoint and ran right over. The woman looked liked Marina but when she pulled her panties down it was clear this was not Mariana. She had a tiny little dick. I was so disappointed.

  35. Mike K says:

    Sorry to disturb you, but I had to say, “You are absolutely Gorgeous!” I wish I wish you were a single “TOP” girl here in Richmond Indiana, and I were a younger man. I would ask you to MARRY me. I would happily spend a lifetime being bottom to your top. What a wife you would make. Any man would truly be blessed to have you in their life.. Hope all is well with you and that your experiences are all proving to be very rewarding.

    Yours Always,

    May this message find you safe and well

  36. Curt Hoffman says:

    Hi are u in Columbus ohio 05/17/2014

  37. Mo says:

    Are you in Atlanta right now or is it some fake using your name?

  38. Dan says:

    Hi Mariana,
    How are you? I am hoping that my email finds you still on tour in/throughout Europe and your enjoying yourself so much you want to stay just a little longer.

    I am a huge fan, and was wondering if you would drop me an email confirming details of where you have posted your tour so I may join and perhaps see about coffee..? πŸ˜‰


  39. KC says:

    A local Columbus Ohio TS is posing as you, and advertising for escorting services. She is posting your pictures, and stealing your fans hard earned. This has been going on now for the entire summer, and the listing is consitently on Backpage for Columbus and also sometimes Cleveland Ohio.

  40. Daniel says:

    Hello, I’m here for a bit in Sicily I’m uniform . Would love to meet you in Italy if at all possible and how ? I’m covered in tattoos and I adore your body.
    Ciao Amore , baci! Let me know if we could meet πŸ˜‰ it would be fun

  41. jamesw says:

    Im a huge Fan Id like to attempt and take you πŸ™‚ do u ever travel to spain ? I wll be there this march and april If you don’t, Im setting up a trip to come to Italy LOve to shoot with you then

  42. Nael says:

    Hi Mariana! I’m Nael from France nice to meet you πŸ˜‰

    I’m not a big fan of shemales but you are special… I don’t know why but i feel something special when i see your movies! I’m not gay but i dream of your cock and your body πŸ˜‰
    If you come to Milan please contact me i’m in the south of France not far from Italia πŸ˜‰
    see you soon

    sweet kiss from France


  43. Ted Parcher says:

    Mariana you are a very beautiful T girl would love to meet you some time but your not comming to usa anytime soon so i will just dream an watch your vid.s if you do decide to come to usa im by sacramento ca please text your plan.s to me thank you 209 331 4564 have a wonderful day

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