I’m in Italy

Lots of you asked me all this time if I was ever going back to Italy, and I kept saying “yes, soon, but now sure when”.

Well… that time has come 🙂 I decided to move back to Italy (where my porn career started) and here I am, again! Currently in Milan, near the Torre Branca. It is so beautiful this time of the year, I love Europe and I love Italy! And now even more, when I am ready to make my next move as a porn actress… guess what it is? 😉


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32 Responses to I’m in Italy

  1. tommy says:

    there is someone claiming to be you in knoxville, tennessee right now on backpage.com

    i was really hoping it was you for real

  2. Gabry says:

    A Milano?!?!
    Che figata, sei il mio sogno nel cassetto…
    Che poi non dovrei dirlo, ho una bellissima fidancè che non mi fa mancare nulla. O quasi: è donna e, va da sè, le mancano giusto quei 25 (?)cm per farmi divertire come vorrei. 😛
    Magari ci incontreremo passeggiando tra le vie del centro, di fronte alla vetrina di qualche bel negozio. Se ci sarà uno che ti guarda come l’ottava meraviglia del mondo, probabilmente quello sarò io.
    Intanto ti mando un bacino.
    Con affetto…


  3. Tim says:

    We wish you all the best, Mariana! Hope to be seeing more of you soon!

  4. dudu says:

    where i can find you in milan, can you send me your mobile? are you living with cindy? ciao dudu

  5. Mendozae says:

    Hey Mariana I wish everything goes amazing in Italy! This is my first time post on your blog and I just recently joined your website. I’m 21 year old college student from Mexico studying Finance and Marketing in the U.S.. I have always been a huge fan of yours, and its my dream to have you throatfuck me with your beautiful cock. if you want to talk some more just send me an email. Byee! Besos!

  6. Bittu says:

    May be directing? Love ur work always.

  7. joey says:

    Hey, Mariana, any plans to visit London?!?

  8. spermloop says:

    Maybe one day I’ll see you in the U.S. now that would make my year!;)

  9. John says:

    Hi Mariana, nice that you are in Milan. I am flying to Europe end of this week and would LOVE to meet you there. I am one of your website subscribers and always your fan.

  10. S&D says:

    We love your photos and videos, if you ever visit Zagreb let us know and we’ll be happy to show you the city.

  11. Casper says:


    Do you work in Italy, if so can i get some contect info how to book 🙂

  12. Patrick says:

    I definitely have to spend my next holiday in Italy.

  13. IvaStiffy says:

    Hi Mariana ….. and welcome back to Europe. Those lucky Italians …..! *sad face*

  14. Spain says:

    Hola Mariana, no estaría nada mal que tuvieras problemas con tu vuelo y tuvieras que hacer una parada en España jajaja. Aunque lo mejor sería que tu misma parases por aquí, pues a buen seguro tienes muchos fans ansiosos de poder conocerte. Beso.

  15. Spain says:

    Hola Mariana, he visto en tu facebook que has estado en Marbella, una bonita ciudad. España es un país muy acogedor, ¿has pensado en quedarte a vivir en España una temporada? A muchos nos gustaría poder conocerte, aunque una belleza como tú debe de ser poco accesible para la mayoría de los mortales aunque siempre se puede hacer un esfuerzo jeje. Beso

  16. Shady says:

    Is it possible to have a private session with the hottest ts alive… i’m having wet dreams about your gigantic cock and can’t take it anymore, i have to make it reall 🙁

  17. Larry says:

    Hello Mariana,

    I am traveling to Italy later this week and Milan is one of the cities I am visiting. I am only in Milan for 1 day. I am not sure if you escort but I would love to meet you either way if you have no plans that day. Maybe you can show me around.
    I am 40 years old living in the US. I hope we can make this happen.

  18. SC says:

    Welcome back! I am so excited that you are here in Italy, and I would love to meet you sometime. You are stunning and my absolute favorite!

  19. Claynpisme says:

    You and Christina biancchini are the All Time hottest ever, u in my mouth and her on my cock mmm. Mm

  20. Claynpisme says:

    Do u have plans to come to Copenhagen xx

  21. sami says:

    welocme back mariana . .
    you are amazing I want to meeting you. I’ll coming to italy and visiting many cities in first of september can I meet you sweetheart. and how ?

  22. Mr_movie says:

    Are you in italy??? guauu . will you continuos with your porn carrer or you´ll escort too?
    Good luck and i hoe than you can visit spain ans specially Tenerife, canary island… 🙂

    ¿Estas en Italia? guauu. ¿Vas a continuar con tu carrera del porno o también estarás de escort?
    Mucha suerte y espero que puedas visitar España y especialmente Tenerife, Islas Canarias 🙂

  23. Jorge says:

    You are beautiful. (lucky italians…) Best regards.

  24. Patrick says:

    I would love to meet you in person one day! Best wishes.

  25. Max says:

    Hi mariana,
    First off you are absalutely geourgous , I was just wondering if you still are out of the states,
    There is someone in Los Angeles California claiming to be you on escort service myredbook , I didn’t think it would be you so just wanted to find your official site and pass the info

  26. eric says:

    Is this a permanent move?

  27. limo says:

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  28. Nikola says:

    Mariana i would want to call u in Belgrade:)*

  29. StefanoD says:

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  30. carlin jo says:

    hi am bi 45 year old man discreet and naughty in nice France riviera like to know if is possible to meet for sex posible thank you

  31. Nikol says:

    hi! possible visit to Russia? I am willing to pay for the trip

  32. OJay says:

    Hi Mariana

    would really love to get in contact with you and visit you in Milan. Are you still there? How can I get in contact with you?


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