Cartoon of TS Mariana Cordoba?

A big THANK YOU to Draftsman who took the time to draw this cartoon of me. I guess he was inspired by my last blog entry where I posted a photo of me trying to suck my own cock.

Thank you sweetie! Great job, you made me look very pretty!

cartoon of ts mariana cordoba

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17 Responses to Cartoon of TS Mariana Cordoba?

  1. Seduzt says:

    Contact me privately, when you’re east-coast America? Even if not. I think I could peak your interests. <3

  2. Taswo says:


    I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I am in South America and going to Argentina. What can I do to see you right now?

  3. Don says:

    Hi Mariana,

    I wanted to let you know that there is someone in the Washington DC area using your pics and website. I found it on backpage. Just an FYI

  4. ghozi says:


    Acabo de descubrir ayer.

    usted es una trans muy sexy, su pene es excelente. usted es el mejor cross del mundo.

    He visto un montón de películas. usted es extraordinariamente atractiva.

    Yo me tomé un montón de placer por mí masturbándose sus fotos y videos.

    Quiero tener un buen contacto con ustedes porque soy bisexual y aprecio la trans.



  5. Ricardo says:


    Eu te amo!
    Sou brasileiro e amo você faz uns 5 anos, todos os dias vejo suas fotos e seus videos!
    Vou viajar pra Córdoba (ARG) no início de novembro e seria um sonho fazer amor com você!

  6. abraham says:

    I love you , how can i contact with you,you’re perfect,i want play with you everyday in my whole life.

  7. AJ says:

    Are you in the US? backpage says you are in south new jersey right now but I thought you were in Uruguay.

  8. wichox says:

    Hola Mariana, solo quería dejarte un post, ya te había escrito un tiempo atrás, soy de Venezuela, es la segunda vez que soy miembro de tu pagina, de verdad me encanta, la forma como interactuas con los miembros, me encanta, me hace sentir que algún día podría conseguir una chica trans con quien poder compartir de manera sincera, creo que he comprendido que eso es lo que quiero, pero como entenderás se hace difícil en nuestros países.

    Un saludo sincero, de verdad un fan tuyo


  9. wichox says:

    Feliz navidad Mariana, espero la pases, super bien y que recibas todos los regalos que deseaste

    Tu fan

  10. hasan in iran says:

    How are you.iam hasan in best. You butiful. You flower you goods. You love. Ilove you.tell me code iran.00989302403253 whaiting.tell

  11. hasan in iran says:

    Tell me.00989302403253

  12. hasan in iran says:

    You best.wath see your name

  13. Juan says:

    Hola mariana te estoy tratando de ubicar hace un tiempo ya , me gustaría saber como hacer para contactar me con vos es una propuesta ! Un beso

  14. Ajith Omana says:

    I am a bigggggggggggggggggg fan of yoursssss….. you are the hottest girl of my dreamsssss…. i have no idea how tomeet you in person… would you be anywhere in asia some time soon…. i am soooooooooo stuck with your beautiful image in my mind that even if i see another hot girl- I just shag assuming you and me both are with her…. you are unbelievable beatiful… the only adjective that suits u is angelic

  15. Sam says:

    Here’s hoping you start updating this again. I enjoy everything on this blog 100%!!!

    Thanks and have a great day

  16. m-g says:

    Thanks to God we do have you

  17. DosColonel2 says:

    Hello Sweetie,
    Thats a great drawing of my sweet Marriana. It makes me so hard. Marriana,feal free to email me anytime. Idk why I’m so infatuated,with you. I’m not gay but I’m compelled,toward your she cock. I would luve to make a movie with you. lol Sorry enjoy.

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