Making out with my hairdresser

This young woman is new in the salon. I first saw her last time I went. I thought she was pretty and has an accent like she is a foreign, but speaks Spanish very well. I checked her out a couple of times that day and moved on. Today I happened to be close to the salon and felt like passing to have my hair washed and dried but my usual hairdresser was not there. The foreigner was though, very kind and with a smile this big offered me to do it herself. It was a Godsent because I really wanted to relax in that  chair and since it was only me, she asked me if I drank coffee and wanted some. I asked her where was the coffee machine and she said in the back. Of course i want some, go go, make coffee.

She disappeared behind a curtain and I waited 2 minutes, just the necessary time to create a considerable boner to rub in her face, then I walked through that curtain too, to find her leaned over the little table that held the coffee machine. I found her prettier in that position, one hip higher that the other, and the miniskirt too indiscreet, like suggesting an approach. I am a person of suggestion so I grabbed one of her butt cheeks and   she screamed scared. Her eyes lit up and told me she knew I was going to follow her. How could she? Is it feminine intuition? I don’t know and I don’t really care because we made out so nicely…for like 5 minutes.  She slipped her hand to my package and did not seem surprised. I think she liked it. The sound of the coffee coming out distracted us and we stopped. In a penetrating silent we drank our coffee and went back out where I sat on the chair and she asked : The usual?…and I said: Yes, the usual….Seems she had been checking me out too.

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3 Responses to Making out with my hairdresser

  1. Max says:

    I wonder…maybe it was all your imagination while you were sitting on salon’s chair 🙂 but if it really happened, she was looking forward into that moment…a pre-programmed encounter 🙂

  2. Ivastiffy says:

    Did she like “cream” in her coffee?

  3. Julian says:

    Esta historia es perfecta para que la hagas en video, estoy seguro que sería uno de los mas populares.

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