Guess what?

Guess what buttercups? I am in Cancun!!!! That’s why I did not seat to write you yesterday. I was dealing with getting here and checking in the hotel. It is 10:18am and the beach is beautiful. I have to go get in my two pieces bikini, one is regular bottom and the other one is a thong. I feel like wearing the thong to drive a few Mexicans crazy, lol

I have a friend who lives here, she is a tranny too, very pretty, blonde, super big butt, a magnificent pair of tits, in a word, Perfect. We made plans to got to the Mall today to buy some Mexican crafts and silver, which is known to be one of the best. Tonight we are going to go clubbing. I better run because after I go to the beach I want to go have my manicure and pedicure.


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5 Responses to Guess what?

  1. chris says:

    hey i think your gorgeous and love your cock and will do and thing to feel your huge cock deep all the way inside me i want to feel throb inside me as you cum in my belly how can i have you inside me

  2. Sam says:

    Hey Mariana,you look very eatable:) I’m in Buenos aires on vacation for a month ,It would be great if we can grab a drink or something 😉

  3. Sam says:

    who knows what can happen 😉

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