A saturday without a plan

It is Saturday, 10 am, and got no plan. I could go to the movies, or the mall, or visit a friend, or just stay home and watch a movie here and drank a “soup in a cup”. Nevertheless, I have a bunch of this to catch up to, like doing my laundry and organizing my closet. I have a person who comes every week, twice, but I don’t let her do my laundry or inside my closets. I could say one of the things that make me want to live here is how cheap it is to have a maid. I pay 20 dollars for each day she comes and spends here from 9am to 4pm. Cleans the whole apartment, windows and furniture included.

She works for my mom too another two days in the week. Of course my mom pays more because it is a house and super big. Anyways, sometimes I laugh because oh my, what that maid has had to see here!!!

She is very reserved and never makes comments but I am sure she thinks I am a perverted..and it’s true.

Now I am going to have breakfast. Bottom line, I am a beautiful shemale with a pretty just done hair and no plans…inconceivable.


If you cant see the above video feed it is being blocked. Click here to see!

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4 Responses to A saturday without a plan

  1. Sam says:

    Mi Mariana, I a fan of your work and happen to be in Ricoleta, with no real plans. maybe we can get together and make the day exciting .
    By the way, you look very eatable in your pictures 🙂

  2. Max says:

    Is she an old woman ( I mean the maid)?those traditional women that can’t accept the world as it is nowadays?for me, sometimes it is fun to clean my house myself, it may sound strange, but when i do it myself, i feel somehow I am part of the house, integrated with the house 🙂

  3. Antonio Estrella says:

    Well if you even find your self in need of plans again make sure to let me know, I’ve fantasied about you from the moment I saw you. I would slave for you <3

  4. titsncock says:

    Well, Mariana, if you’re going to clean the house, how about making a video of yourself cleaning the house completely nude? 🙂 And I would LOVE to spend a lazy Saturday laying on the couch with you watching movies.

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