Laundry day and nothing to wear

This has happened to a lot of us at some point in our lives. Laundry day and nothing to wear is like a right of passage some times. Usually it happens when you are in university and you just want to wash everything at the same time. Sadly it will also all fit in a single wash load. However when Laundry day and nothing to wear happens to one of out favorite trans girls then its a day to celebrate and enjoy.

Take a look at the image from this set. Its hot because today we have caught Mariana Cordoba on laundy day and nothing to wear. Well she has a little but it all seems to be ill fitting and that makes it all the sexier. Her panties are to small and not strong enough to contain her big tranny cock. And her tits flop right out of her tight little tank top. This of course shows us all the things that we love to see about this amazing Hung Trans girl.

Come and check out what all Mariana gets up to while waiting on her clothing to dry. She is going to play with her own tits and cock while she waits and she wants you to do the very same. She wants you to enjoy seeing her naked outdoors. Click right now.

Laundry day and nothing to wear

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