Flashing panties outdoors

Want to talk about hot? How about when Mariana Cordoba is flashing panties outdoors? Yeah that’s freaking hot and you know it. Hell everyone knows it. However it does seem to defy the laws of physics or something. Just take a look at the photo below and see if you can figure out what we are talking about.

So the law of physics that is being broken in this photo is where in the hell did she hide her cock? You know how big that trans cock is. So how was she able to hide it this well. You can see her panties and they have a small bulge to them. But nothing like you would expect when hiding a monster cock like Mariana Cordoba has. So how was it done? How can she hide it so well? That’s a trick you will have to learn by watching her unpack that cock from her panties. And as you can see, flashing panties outdoors is actually quite hot when its Mariana flashing.

You can click on the image below to check out the tour and to sign up for Mariana’s private members area. Or you can also click on a text link.
Flashing panties outdoors

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