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If the Live stream above is not playing:
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Select Plugins.

In the list of Add-ons, look for Shockwave Flash (another name for Flash Player) and check the status that appears to the right of the plug-in name.
Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

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Tranny tits. Who does not love an amazing rack?

Who in their right mind does not love an amazing set of tranny tits. I know I love them. I like to look at them. Touch them. Pinch them, squeeze them. I love to lick and suck on them as well. But the thing I love the most is either shooting my hot load across a great set or having it done to me. Yep a cum load shot across my chest makes me HOT!

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Tranny Tits

Take a close look. Mariana’s tits are big. A triple D to be exact. Let me tell you, she does love having them played with. The next time you take a look in her members area, you will see a lot of my videos, her photos, have a pretty good focus on her tits, her cock, her ass and much more. All of these are big and most are what men and women are looking for.

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Hung Tranny Mariana Cordoba. Showing how big my cock really is!

Most of the men and even women Mariana meets call her the best hung tranny they have ever seen. A lot of men think that its a joke at first until she proves it to them that she is very well hung.

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Tranny ass fuck. One way to pay the rent.

What a DEAL Mariana got!   Tranny ass fuck! The owner of the apartment wanted to take the rent out of her tranny ass! And she was more than willing to let him. He kept looking at her while they were talking and at one point the our conversation, She noticed his cock twitching in his pants!

That is when she decided to try something. Mariana squeezed her big tits together and then let him know she may not have all the rent money in her pocket. He smiled and asked her what she did have in her pocket?

Mariana told him it might be more than he was willing to deal with. He looked her in the eye, grabbed her bulging crotch to slide his hand along her hardneing shaft.  And then told her he was just fine with her love tool!  And that he could take some of the rent right out of my tight round tranny ass!

Tranny ass

He showed me around the rest of the apartment and then when they walked back into the living room where he announced that this was his favorite place in the apartment. He said its the best place to fuck because of the view out the windows as well as the sounds that bounce off the wall.

Then before Mariana knew it he got in front of her and started pulling her cock out of her pants. So naturally she went to work on getting his cock out as well. What he wanted was her tranny ass. Mariana was of course more than willing to give it to him.

Mariana can never get enough of a hard cock in her ass. And any man that wants to play with her tranny cock is more than welcome.

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