Wow! So Many Guys, So Little Time…

Nah, not really! I have plenty of time for you all 🙂
I have gotten a surprisingly huge amount of replies to my post about filming with some of you guys. THANK YOU! It is overwhelming and very flattering to see so many of you guys being willing to be with me on a video. So, here’s the deal:

-starting September 6th, 2012, you must be a member of my site
– you must be over 18 years old
– you must have and bring your official ID to prove your age
– you must sign a model release document before filming
– you must come to Argentina, since I’m not traveling right now
– you must be comfortable showing your face and performing in front of my video guy.
– the use of Viagra is encouraged since I know being in front of a camera can make you nervous 🙂
– no, I am not meeting anyone for other purposes, just for filming, I apologize for this.

That said, if all of the above apply, please send me your photos and travel dates to my personal email address, by contacting me inside my members area.

Kisses, and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

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8 Responses to Wow! So Many Guys, So Little Time…

  1. Nik says:

    I can’t traveling over there, but otherwise I’ll be the first…. Only in case I like you… Of course… Lol 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Oooo! So you were serious with your offer to come on over! Wow, that is very tempting! No offense, but the guys in your videos don’t suffer from intimidating good looks. Not exactly Falcon or BelAmi quality guys. The good news is, this, combined with your offer shows that an average guys dream can come true, awesome! However, I think I’ll still want to hit the gym for a bit before sending pictures. And need to considered if I want to risk being recognized by someone that couldn’t keep it to themselves. Very very tempting offer. Couldn’t ask for any better. Although if you were in like NY or Chicago instead of the middle of Argentina, I’d make travel arrangements today. I’ll at least be excited to see more variety of men in your videos. You ever do Christian X? That lucky bastard has gotta hold the record for having on screen sex with the largest variety of gorgeous shemales, men and women. No guy I’m more jealous of out there.

  3. Drew \ says:

    Looking forward to seeing more videos of u dominating the slaves coming ur way!! Enjoy ur beuty , & would love to see you in NY sometime!!

  4. mohamd says:

    all ok , but could be with mask or some like that ?

  5. Mike says:

    love to, any time?

  6. jonas says:

    I sent u a pic im 5,6 i weigh 127 im in very goodshape hazel eyes

  7. jonas says:

    Hope my dream of haveing a big she cock ill doanything

  8. Jimmie Chase aka driwulf54 says:

    i would love to be in a video with you. I hate being poor sometimes

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