PornStars Need Love too!

I don’t consider myself an actual pornstar, even though I’ve been filming porn videos for a few years already, but I know you guys think of me as one 🙂

In any case, I woke up a little gloomy today, and after doing some meditation and analyzing my life, I realized that the only thing that could be causing my down-mood, is the lack of a boyfriend. Everything in my life is perfect but I don’t have a special one to share it with. It’d be nice to have a boyfriend to go shopping with, go camping in the summer time or snow skiing now in the winter…

Unfortunately this year there are things going on with my family that will prevent me from getting involved with someone. But after January or February things will change, and I’ll be on the prowl for Mister Right. Of course, I will let you guys know first, so you can put in your applications 😉

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