Wearing Lingerie

Well apparently there is a right way and a wrong way for wearing lingerie. But personally I see the way that it is in the photo below is 100% hot and the exact right way for me to enjoy! Now I am sure I dont need to say that this is Mariana Cordoba. I also do not need to tell you that she has full lips. And she also has big tits. Furthermore I dont need to tell you that she is hung. I mean hell you can clearly see all of that in the image below. That is all of course because of the lingerie.

Wearing Lingerie like this just seems to accent the body dont you think? Well I know she does not have any on her face but those lips just look perfectly cock sucking ready am I right? Even the panties she has on are in the perfect position for some fun. So with all of this in mind. As well as the visual that images has burned into your brain. What would you do if you found Mariana wearing lingerie like this?

Click the image.

Wearing Lingerie

Yeah I know. It is super hard to type and stroke at the same time. And its even harder when you are looking at an image like this. Simply because you can not concentrate. So just click!

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