Two boots that wont zipper up…

Or down….I can’t believe this is happening. These boots are not old at all, I bought them for this winter as a matter of fact, and let me tell you they were not cheap either. You know I do not scrimp, when I like something I do not care what price I have to pay, but the only thing I hope is to have good quality. This time obviously I did not get it, so I take them to the shoe repair place and they tell me the fee for repair them and first I almost faint (almost, very close to what I paid for the boots) and secondly they just cant have them ready for like in 10 days…10 days!!!???? They do not understand, my boots are my everything along with the lingerie, the things I cherish, love, dont think I am crazy, well, maybe a little, but anyways, that’s my fetish, I love me wearing boots and miniskirts, boots and pants, boots and lingerie…boots and nothing.


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One Response to Two boots that wont zipper up…

  1. Average Joe says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe that to repair your boots cost just as much as you paid for it. Unbelievable Ay dios mios. I think you should get angry with the place where you bought the boots because obviously you pay for the best quality when it comes to that epic boot collection and you don’t mess around with it. That store should give you another pair of boots because those boots were clearly defected by a manufacturer or something? Your boot collection is your investment. The store is to blame my dear.

    P.S. how many boots and shoes do you have? Also could you take pic of the epic collection so all your fans can see one of great passions.

    Sincerly your loyal fan and hopefully new sex slave Average Joe.

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