Some answers

Hello buttercups! Here go the answers to some of your questions throughout the life of this blog. I have a cameraman who is my friend (and lover every blue moon), and he is great as you can see. He also does much of what I suggest and that’s how great we work together. The make up is on me. I read magazines like Cosmopolitan or Vogue where you can find tips and fashion do’s and dont’s. I love to read so I read anything that I can possible come across with, papers, flyers, brochures, novels, you name it. I sleep naked, I get in a very soft silk robe after I get out of the shower but before I enter the bed i take it off and lay down as naked as a newborn. I leave a little light on, which has the “starry night” of Van Gogh and it lights pretty. Also I leave the door to the balcony open in case a black night in a white horse wants to pass by and kidnap me.

I will continue tomorrow,

Love, Mariana

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2 Responses to Some answers

  1. Joe says:

    My question would be how can I meet you and see your wonderful gift in person???

  2. David says:

    Was wondering in what city does Mariana Cordova lives in. Is there anyway I could get a date with her?

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