To all my fans: Yes I do travel. I have not been doing it so much lately because my mom was not feeling well. I said this before but there is a small group of members that recently joined my site and did not know it. Now that my mom is herself again I am planning a lot of trips, like for instance right now I am planning a trip to the market around the corner to buy bread, butter and cum…I mean, milk, just regular milk.

On another note, Have you not noticed my new lingerie? I am wearing it in all my new videos and pictures. Please notice it since it cost me a fortune and a tranny likes to be appreciated for her good taste in lingerie. So, I expect compliments. No compliments=no more updates 🙁

Well. I have to go now to do a couple of errands and then back home to prepare dinner for my mom and her dog. Can you believe it? It seats with us at the table to have dinner. There are certain people……

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2 Responses to travel

  1. Average Joe says:

    I love seeing you in your new lingerie its sexy my dear. The combination of the lingerie, your beauty and the shecock is amazing, I lost count of how many times I jerked off to your pics this weekend. I love it.

  2. Sandog says:

    I really like the lingerie in your Xbox shoot and your latest video. Very sexy, and since I work on video games, that shot is extra hot in my opinion. But I also like your outfit in the “Bulge in my Pants” photo shoot, even if it’s not technically lingerie. You look gorgeous in pretty much anything 🙂

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