I have been all day on pineapple only. They say it’s a natural diuretic and I take their word because I have peed today a lot, and I hold very much ‘cuz judging by my shecock imaging then the size of my bladder. Anyways, I am eating a few slices right now. My mom and her dog came last night to have dinner with me. I did something I am not proud of. Remember I told you her dog seats at the table with us and how I cant stand that? Well, yesterday   when we were all settled and the table was set up I brought three cans of dog food and placed one on each plate. My mom looked at me like..”What the hell”?? and I said, if the dog can seat with us we should eat dog food…it’s only courteous, or do you plan to serve him a steak?  OH MY GOD!!! her face was inflamed and I know he held a big ^9T^#W$#$& behind her red lips but then I relaxed and said no mom, I am just kidding. There are food,real food for humans as there are bowls that go on the floor, for dogs.

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