Taking a bath

I hope you enjoyed my post narrating my shower hour (or  minutes). Now I want to make you knowledgeable of my bath time. Taking a bath is so enjoyable. Whether is to clean up or just to relax, my time in the bathtub is sacred, it is my shelter are trespassing is forbidden.  I mostly do it at my mom’s because she has on of this bathrooms that even Barbie would envy so whenever I go to visit and have time to spare I grab my tote that I packed with supplies and go cage in that room.

I like bubbles. I light candles and  play soft music like classic or American jazz. I have a bath pillow that offers comfort for the neck and sometimes helps me fall sleep. I even pour myself a glass of white zinfandel and place on a stool near me at all times. Well, music on, candles burning, water settled, and wine bubbling in the glass, that means time to go in.

So I pile my robe and flip flops on the floor, sink a foot…leg…. knee…..thigh, the other foot…leg…knee…thigh, (now my she-cock is totally wet) and my hands grab the border of the tub to help me glide down and submerge my 6′ body in the hugs of the warm water. That’s when life begins. From then on anything can happen. I may read a book, sing along, sleep, (have company, very seldom but has happened) or simply stay there, quietly, going through the day and imagining tomorrow.

Taking a bath

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5 Responses to Taking a bath

  1. Average Joe says:

    The bath is heaven for you. It gives you peace and tranquillity away from work and the crazy fans. It allows you to think of more ways to please us. Love you Mariana Cordoba and Happy Valentines day.

  2. dan7564 says:

    Sounds super relaxing, and sounds super femme. I can’t even submerge my whole body in my tiny bath anymore. When I was a little kid I used to be able to swim laps in it, often splashing water all over the floor.

    Thanks for sharing this very private moment with us and happy Valentines day 😉

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      That is so true Dan, not only the bathtub but many things seemed bigger when I was a kid and now they are so tiny, hahha. Like my mom’s closet. I used to hide in it and make up a whole world of fantasies inside, now it is just a closet, big yes, but not enough for my adult imagination. 😉

  3. Andre says:

    i just discovered you and your website you are gorgeous ,mind blowing ,the most beautiful woman i have laid my eyes on.

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