Shopping…the best medicine

Thank you to all of you for helping me find a way to relieve the pain in my neck. I did exercises this morning and I feel better already. I also think that because it is winter and it’s so cold I have not been able to go outside so much and do my favorites things, therefore being in the house, sleeping so much and laying down in the couch may be the cause of it. There is a indoors pool near my house, I am going to go to swim for a few hours every day and I am sure that will also make me get better.

I had to do cleaning yesterday but I couldĀ  not do it because my neck hurt so since today I feel pain free I will get to it. I only hope the cleaning wont bring back the pain….will it? It may…so I better dont clean today, neither tomorrow just in case. I think I’ll go shopping, because shopping is the best medicine

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