Neck problems

I have been having neckpains lately. I know is not a posture problem because I stand up straight and seat properly and when I masturbate my shecock is so large that it meets up my chin so I dont need to look down; however, every three or four days I wake up with an unbearable pain in the back of my neck. Las week I had a massage and it was very releiving but it only covered for so many days because today I have been feeling funny again.

I am going to have to go to a chiropractic. Now, it is hard to find one in this city.

Do you know of any exercises that I could do when I am in pain like right now?

I would appreciate it (you’ll see how much)

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  1. Average Joe says:

    Do a neck exercise. Rotate your neck slowly around for a couple of rotations on each side. Then move your neck up and down very slowly.

  2. The Doctor says:

    It could be one of several things.
    If it is a muscular problem it could be related to a potassium deficiancy. Eating more foods rich in potassium (like bananas) will help with that.
    Much less likely, but still probable, is a nervial skeletal problem in which the vertebra in the neck are pinching a nerve that causes chronic neck/back pain. In severe cases surgery is needed, but as previously stated it is unlikely that is the issue here (trust me, the pain would let you know).
    Although, the most likely problem is why I suffered neck pains in the past. Your bed/pillow combination is possibly causing stress on your neck in your sleep resulting in a position that causes discomfort. If you tend to move around alot in your sleep it increases the likelihood of such a problem.
    Regular exercises can help prevent musclar stress and provide more durability in the event of muscle strain from awkward positions or just plain fatiging the neck muscles.
    I hope some of this has been helpful to help keep you gorgeous and free of pain.
    -The Doctor

    • The Doctor says:

      Simple neck exercises you can do are as follows :
      Do the following 10 times each.
      1. Touch your ear to each shoulder (or try to if you can’t reach).
      2. Touch your chin to your chest then try to touch the back of your head to your back.
      3. Do #3 but rotate your head clockwise, than counter clockwise.

      Back exercises may indirectly help your neck as well.
      1. Sit down with your left leg crossed over the right, put your left arm behind the left leg and attempt to reach around behind you. Swith arms and legs and repeat.
      2. While standing cross your right arm across your chest and grab the back of your left calf. Swith arms and legs and repeat.
      3. While standing, bend your knees slightly and grab both calves with your hands from behind (left to left and right to right). If you cannot reach without losing balance, reach as far as you can while remaining upright.
      Hope these help.
      -The Doctor

  3. Sandog says:

    You might want to check your pillow and mattress firmness as well- it could be that you are sleeping in such a way that your neck is crimping.

    For back/neck exercises, yoga is the thing…it will help you straighten and strengthen your entire back and neck in a low impact way. And it gives you a nice post-workout vibe 🙂

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