I had a terrible nightmare last night. I was dreaming I was being eaten by a huge crocodile and I was hitting it in the head with my purse, which ironically was made out crocodile skin and it didnt do anything to the big animal. I remember I was wearing a thong and a top and I was going barefoot on the sand when the animal emerged from the water with its parsimony, but suddenly it got mad and chased me. I ran ran ran but the purse was too heavy and slowed me down until the animal could reach me and started chewing my right leg. I could turn and that’s when I started hitting it, lol. I woke up really scared let me tell you. I hate those animals, well not hate them, I love them, but only those that dont want to eat me alive.

I have a purse made out of crocodrile…I think I wont wear it in a long time.

The votes are like this so far…..”Me, a shemale and another girl” winning.

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