A thought

I have been wanting to do an orgy and publish it on my website … what do you think? I bet you would like that, eh? How many men and women? Me with two men? Me with another tranny and a man? I ‘ll see how many vote for one thing or another. I really would like with one man and a woman so the guy fucks me in the ass while the women jerks me off and then the guy pulls it out to fuck me in the ass.  … oh my God, too filthy for a Monday?

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8 Responses to A thought

  1. chris says:

    please contact me i’m so in love with your cock i need it in my mouth and want so really bad feel you really deep inside me i want you all the way deep you have to contact me

  2. alberto says:

    Ciao Mariana,
    quando vieni in Italia? Mi piacerebbe molto conoscerti. Anzi devo dire che è il mio sogno. Si avvererà un giorno?
    Quando eri a Milano non ti conoscevo ancora.. ti prego torna in Italia! Un bacio

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      Ciao bello! Se vado in Italia, vi farò sapere. Nel frattempo non rinunciare i sogni …. che potrebbe venire un giorno realtà. Baci

  3. IvaStiffy says:

    It has to be you, another shemale and a girl – awsome!

  4. Sandog says:

    I would vote for you with another shemale and a girl as well….

  5. AlmaPerdida says:

    you with another shemale & 2 men ! ! !

  6. Victor says:

    for real? you, another T-Girl and a girl? I don’t think so, that’s too obvious!! You know that, fans know that (the real ones)! try something funnier! A young boy, fucked (really hard) by you and your friend the stunnig Ana Mancini! The Argentina’s TX-Duet!!

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      Why is it obvious? Dont you see beauty in the females bodies? hahahaha…are you the Venezuelan fan? Although fucking a boy in the ass with my massive shecock is very pleasurable for me, let me tell you. I didn’t know you spoke English so well.

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