New year’s to do list

I took some time to think about the past year and what I want to achieve in this 2012.

For starter I would like to improve my eating habits. It is going to be difficult because all the lunch and dinners invitations but I thought that I always can order a salad if it’s dinner or a fresh fish filet if it’s lunch. I also want to exercise more. In these days that my friend has been here visiting we are waking up early and going for a run or a breezy walk. I love it. I also want to go to Italy to take care of a few real estate properties I have over there, maybe toward mid year when it’s warmer. I would like to work in beautifying the landscape of my house and doing some work in the backyard where I film those movies you love so much. I want to plant a tree and grow tulips which are my favorites flowers. I want to frame my shecock with a flowery and evergreen scenery.

Well buttercups, now I have to go shave my legs, wax my shecok and asshole, and do my hair. All this is to be pretty just for you. I love you all

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New year's to do list

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3 Responses to New year’s to do list

  1. Ivastiffy says:

    If you could do a quick stop in the UK on the way to Italy that would be just ace :oP

  2. Ivastiffy says:

    WOW really ?? – Awesome – I cant wait !! – You do realise your response has given me an instant boner which I now need to take in hand :p

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