At a spa with a girlfriend

A friend is visiting from Argentina for two weeks vacation. We have known each other since we were kids and have maintained our friendship throughout the years although via email and Facebook. She has been following my career as a famous she-male since I became one and now that we finally met there was a lot to catch up.  We found the tranquility we needed in the serenity and quietness of a spa, one that I worked one time in as a massage therapist. We enjoyed each other company. I could see that she was very curious about my transformation and she held it as long as she could but towards the end of the afternoon she could not hold it any longer and told me she wanted to see me naked. We went to the steam room with nothing but our bathing suits and I pleased her desire of seeing me naked and went a little beyond letting her touch my dick and my boobs. Of course I had an erection but my friend is such a good a friend that she helped me calm it down but sucking my shecok and making me come. All this happened in this luxurious spa, where people very elegant and high class go to relax, lol.

From the steam room (steam that totally justified our sweating from the fucking) we moved to the outdoor beautiful swimming pool where we had a few drinks. We had a lovely day of joy and laughter.

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At a spa with a girlfriend

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  1. titsncock says:

    I don’t know who I’d want to be more – the friend, or your photographer. After reading this story, it’s the friend!

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