Neck improvement

I threw away every pillow of my bed. I went to the store yesterday and bought new ones (Ralph Lauren) and felt tempted to also buy a new mattress but my wallet heard and screamed from the purse, like saying wooo, hold it right there, lol

The sensation of resting my head on those pillows is similar to cumming on someone’s face. It took me longer that usual to separate my face from them this morning. I want to make out with them 🙂


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4 Responses to Neck improvement

  1. The Doctor says:

    Glad to hear your neck is feeling better! 😀
    Best medicine for pain is to deafen it out with pleasure.
    That’s what I prescribe to cure your neck pain… lots and lots of pleasure!

  2. Ivastiffy says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, I have trouble with stiffness – though not in my neck 🙂

  3. Dean says:


    I had neck pain for some time and started using a buckwheat hull pillow. Seemed to work but it took some getting used to. I eventually changed to a memory foam pillow and I LOVE it (I can tell you which one I use if you like). I also had some back pain later on and bought a sleep number bed and a 2 inch memory foam topper. Likewise, it is awesome. Highly recommend all of the above.

    Hope it helps.

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