Morning wood

I think that ever man out there knows what the phrase morning wood means. If you are not sure because of translation or what ever it means that you wake up in the morning with an erection. It also means that you might have to either masturbate or pee in the shower because that morning wood is not going away very fast. At least not for the majority of men.

When you think of the phrase Morning wood and add in Mariana Cordoba, well things go to a whole new level. First of all Mariana is a trans girl. She is also a hung trans girl and she actually has a pretty massive cock on her. Just take a look at the photo below. And while this may have been wood from a nap rather than the morning time it still came about the same way. But the best part about this photo is the video of her masturbating to get right of her hardon!

Most of you know that Mariana Cordoba has one of the biggest trans cocks ever. Now to see it all, all you need to do is click and its right there at your finger tips!

Morning Wood

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