Mariana Cordoba and Angeles Cid SEX

Mariana Cordoba and Angeles Cid SEX!

It was mentioned earlier about a sex video with Angeles Cid. And lots of you guys have asked when it’s coming and what it’s about… well, obviously it’s about sex 😉 But not just Angeles and Mariana. They actually got a guy involved so it’s a shemale-guy threesome, with lots of swapping, sucking, fucking and cum shots.

And as expected the Mariana Cordoba and Angeles Cid SEX scene is super hot and needs to be watched over and over.  Take a look at the free sample scenes below and make sure to comment on the set here on this blog. Also rate and comment on the set in the members area after you see the whole movie.

Mariana Cordoba and Angeles Cid Sex

Also make sure to catch the video clip below.

The video is being uploaded to my server today, and I will post it on Monday. I’m going camping this weekend, so I won’t be around the computer to add it to the system until Monday.

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6 Responses to Mariana Cordoba and Angeles Cid SEX

  1. mikeydrew says:

    Hi Ms Mariana!! I am soooo glad to see that you have started your own website!! I have been a REALLY big fan from the minute I first saw a picture of you on the internet! You are one of the most beautiful women in the world with or without the beautiful extra!! I do so love your new longer hair! I didn’t know you could enhance perfection but did! Looking forward to more vids and pics…can’t get enough of you!
    Thank you maam

    • admin says:

      Thank you Mikey, you’re so sweet!
      I myself have been wanting to get my own website for a while and earlier this year I got in touch with Ana Mancini, and after some brainstorming, she helped me with this project. I’m so excited to finally have my own place on the net, and I’m doing everything within my power to make my site the best shemale website out there. As you can see, I keep filming new content and adding it, and I’m coming up with new little surprises all the time. I hope you’re enjoying it, and if there’s something you think would make it better, please tell me. A big kiss,
      Mariana Cordoba

  2. lordworm says:


  3. lordworm says:

    I thought this was gonna come on monday

  4. lordworm says:

    Angeles Cid sex…with no sex…lol

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