Huge trans girl erection. And yes its real

Huge trans girl erection!

I read today on a message board I like to keep track of that there may be some of you who think my shemale cock is the result of some Photo shopping.  I want to ASSURE you this is certainly NOT the case.  What you see is what you get with regards to all the photo’s and videos of me.

My cock has not been touched up in photo’s or videos in any way shape or form.  I would NEVER deceive my members or anyone else like that.  Thank you to all who have had kind words in support of this.  I wanted to get it out in the open immediately after I read it to stop any further rumors.

This is the real deal. The biggest and best Huge trans girl erection! And one that is worth taking a close look at. Click on this sample image and check out the bigger full quality ones in the members area. This cock has never been touched by photo shop but you can put your lips on it!

Huge trans girl erection

Otherwise if you want to see more of this massive cock, just click the image above. Or you can also click here for more samples. I have some hot ones of me in Sexy Lingerie.

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25 Responses to Huge trans girl erection. And yes its real

  1. Fan says:

    Some things seem too good to be true 😉 Would love to feel that beautiful thing!

  2. Angel says:

    Señorita Mariana, eres bella!!!
    Whom ever says that any of your photos are photoshopped is just bored and has nothing else better to do/say.
    Keep doing what you do! Que dios te bendiga amor……..

  3. Fabian says:

    Doy fe de lo que es!! Todo lo que muestra Mariana en las fotos es real, yo lo comprobe personalmente hace varios años atras…
    Hoy te ves igual de hermosa y seguis siendo deseable…

  4. Cabeza says:

    Hola Mariana, soy Argentino y vivo en el extranjero hace anos. Si=oy joven y tengo bastante facha. Voy a estar en Argentina unos dias ahora y suenio con encontrarte pero no se como hacer. Estas en Cordoba o en BA?
    Please dame una pista y ver si puedo contactarte..

  5. IvaStiffy says:

    Never thought it was, it’s pretty obvious that your amazing huge shecock is 100% au naturel.

  6. David says:

    You’re so beautiful 🙂 It’s my dream to have just 1 night with you 😉

  7. titsncock says:

    Wow! That picture is incredible. I would love to be laying on my stomach in front of you, just slowly licking and sucking and….

    And I agree, it’s quite obvious your cock is NOT photoshopped. People who think that are the same people that think all boobs bigger than a B are fake.

  8. marco says:

    Hai un cazzo favoloso Mariana, credimi. Quando vieni in Italia?

  9. swayers says:

    I would love to be laying in front of you, licking you, starting at your beautiful ass, across your taint, over your smooth balls, and up the shaft of your cock.

  10. Richard says:

    I never thought it was either! Just because it’s so huge, so thick, and so sexy, doesn’t mean you aren’t real Mariana. Put a tape measure by it and show them. lol

  11. Sumiso says:

    Lo cierto es que Mariana tiene la polla más linda del mundo…. grande, bonita, deseable…. ¡Qué más se puede pedir!
    Si…. algo más se puede pedir…. tenerla en la boca….. Ojalá vinieses por España… nada me gustaría más que besarla con suavidad y luego chuparla mirandote a los ojos….

  12. arturo says:

    hola mariana cuando vienes a mexico

  13. jose says:

    don’t believe it for a second, until its in my mouth I refuse to believe its real.

  14. subz says:

    Hi…I love your cock people are stupid if they think its fake….& I was wondering if I could get a dildo of it I would pay you for it…

  15. Joseph says:

    Mariana, por favor de una vez haz una escena tirandotela a ANA, simples mamadas ya no son suficientes

  16. Matt says:

    love how big it is, wow… 9.5″ omg… can’t believe a girl can have one so big… love how muscular u r too, wow… big biceps, big breasts, big dick… whatta girl… can i ask ur height, weight, bra size? ty… Matt

  17. spc.569 says:

    I don’t know, I better suck on it to be sure.

  18. junior says:

    Hey I was just wandering if you come to Norway some time?
    I liked you pictures and i think you are very beutiful Would be nice to meet you:)


  19. daban says:

    i want you mobail nomber plees

  20. michele says:

    sei bella amore

  21. michael says:

    i love shemale porn and would love too choke on your huge cock and cum on my face

  22. michael berrios says:

    i love you i wish i could suck your huge cock and you cum all over my face

  23. Eric says:

    Your cock is the same big size in every one of your videos. If you could do that with video editing, then you would be in Hollywood, working for one of the biggest studios. The people who are saying that about you, aren’t thinking.

  24. Jay says:

    I luv that cock of urs. U should come to Canada so I can suck you off, Canadian style.

  25. Ajith Omana says:

    Dear Mariana

    I dont know how to put this in better words- I just love you a lotttttttttttttttttttttttt

    I fantazize about you every single day

    Meeting you in real and kissing you is my ambition in life…. Let me know if it is possible any time… I travel a lot across Asia and Us for my work.. please tell me if I can meet the sweetest girl of my dreams



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