Huge Erection! Why call it that?

Huge Erection! Why call it that? So Mariana was talking about erections with a boy friend and he has saying that every morning he wakes up with a huge erection! But he has a normal size cock any other time. Not thinking clearly she asked him why he uses that phrase! Huge Erection! He blushed when he realized what she was thinking size. So he started to explain his thought. He said that he calls it that because if how unnaturally hard his cock is in the mornings! So the term Huge is used.

While we do understand, we dont as well but  did not want to embarrass him.  Mariana’s love of cocks is no matter the size and the harder the better. Yes hers is bigger than normal and most men tend to like that but It’s different for her. She has been with men that range into the small cock size and then with men with a cock as big as hers. But she have never put a man down for the size or hardness of his cock. Mariana loves them all and likes to see them and play with them.

So, now Mariana wants you to tell her about your huge erection! When you get them and why and then what you do with them. Please explain in detail so she can share ideas on how to do things and get off better than before.

Huge Erection

So tell her what you think of the erection in the photo above. Can that be considered a Huge erection also?

Mariana loves to see a hard cock and that usually makes her hard as well. Sometimes she can even cum just looking at a guy stroking off and she wont even have to touch hers. Its all mental and what a fuck that is.

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