Big thick shecock

Big thick shecock !

I love this set of pictures. Not only did Mariana come out pretty but also her shecock did as well. And as you can clearly see, its a Big thick shecock!

It is so funny that Mariana can actually lick her own dick. She does it now and then and has a great time, just the her and her cock together, no one else.

Maybe that’s why she is still alone, ‘cuz she dont need to hug it afterwards, or chat with it. Only¬† just have to kiss it, pet it, and that’s it. Immediately it will arise and make the rest easy. Stroking it and caressing her balls. She thinks about you sitting there and watching her. As the milk starts to come out with each upstroke! Just the pre milk.¬† Mairana is holding her huge load to shoot across your face and also your ass.

Check out her long cock showing from behind and how hard it is.

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Big thick shecock

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3 Responses to Big thick shecock

  1. fredo says:

    I have the honor to kiss it, pet it,and hug it…you just have to Relax,then every thing will be easy

  2. shaunb says:

    Hi I am from south africa and I found your site by accident ,I was shocked at first as I had only heard of ladies like yourself through other male friends I am no longer shocked I am stunned. By your beauty and your unbelievable body .I love woman and for me to say that to a woman with a penis is difficult .I wish I could subscribe to your site but the exchange rate is very high so my RAND to your dollar is a little high but I have saved your page and know I have the honor of looking at the most beautiful shemale in the world everyday THANK YOU

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      The dollar is crazy right now, you should see what it’s doing to the Argentinian Peso! I look forward to seeing you inside my members area. A kiss
      Mariana Cordoba

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